herald the new era
the couch bound age is over. welcome to the bitbop era.


our concept turns necessary electronics disposal into a symbolic ritual or ceremony.  bitbop will partner with local government to properly decommission obsolete TV equipment.  if done stylistically,  it can be a transformation or "rite of passage", which marks a change in peoples's lives.  everyone experiences this communally in public space.  

obsolete television sets will be collected throughout the day and displayed prominently in a major town plaza.  there will be a force of bitbop representatives on hand in festive uniforms to curate the resulting public art.  they will explain to curious onlookers what is happening and talk about the bitbop service.

public service announcements: prior to the event, attractive youths in bitbop uniforms will appear on local news broadcasts announcing the importance of properly disposing hazardous electronic waste.

the call to action: a free week of bitbop in appreciation to anyone bringing an obsolete TV set for the event.

the gala event: a classical evening concert to mark the occasion.  the live orchestra will play instrumental versions of old and new TV show theme tunes.

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