it's about time
it's about time, transform your time, extend your time.


The idea is to have a giant sand clock in selected spaces, where people can change the time remaining on the sand clock, the time becomes longer... they have only to put the sand in bottom of the sand clock on the top.
while the top have sand, on the tv appears some program, movie or serie, when the sand on the top finishes the tv stop broadcast. only have to puts some sensor in the middle of the sand clock we can do the on or off on the tv. or tobe more funny, have some poster in the front of the tv, if have sand passing by the top to the bottom, then we see tv, if they not, some poster appears on front of the tv with some message like "we know how transform, time in more time... put some bitbop sand" or something like - "if you want play more in your home, visit the bitbop facebook" and have some plataform on bitbop facebook.


The idea came about because many times when we are watching TV, one show, a movie,  for some reason you have to leave without finishing what we are see, and we think if we had a little more time, we could see to the end. If people have a bitbop can easily overcome this difficulty, anywhere and anytime.