The bitbop Hop!
A scavenger hunt and race mixed into one! Teams will have to decipher the clues and be the first to the finish line. This campaign makes use of bitbop's platforms and also drives users, spectators/supporters, to social media tools such as Twitter.


  • Free to enter, but all teams must register profiles to bitbop.  These profiles allow for the team members to share some information about themselves and for supporters to learn about and garner support.  It is also a shameless forum to get your face out there!  Supporters will have a link to follow which attaches them to the teams Twitter/Facebook event.
*Though the supporters won't have to register, the link they follow will obviously require an e-mail and this can be used by bitbop to market their product for awareness and sales.

    • The race lasts for a one hour program, within the program are bitbop created "clues" in short video format based on user-driven ideas leading up to the competition (ie. locations, tasks, etc.).  

    • Each team must have at least two platforms represented on their team.

    • All but one member of the team must make it to each checkpoint, the lone member acts as a captain and deciphers the information at a public home base with the other captains, bitbop reps, and spectators.

    • The time between clues is the time teams and their supporters have to make it to the next checkpoint and continue in the race.  If you do not make it before the next clue, you are eliminated.  Teams can also replay clips to bystanders for help, thus demonstrating the functionality of bitbop.
    *Clues will be fairly easy to ensure teams progress, such as gather 3 funny hats, 5 phone numbers of the opposite sex, or a task at the next destination.  In the case of a tie, it shall be determined based on the number of followers each team has on Twitter (who have been helping them along the way).  This lends to a popularity contest making the true social influencers prime candidates to participate, and further, to do well.
    **Supporters are followers on Twitter who can watch the show/clues and Tweet in suggestions to help their teams, conversely, these could be used to distract a team, but all's fair in love and war!

      • Prizes will be given (of course) and will be co-sponsored with the television program they are partnered with.  For sure free service on bitbop for an extended period, and perhaps a guest appearance on said program.  Prizes can also be given (at random or based on activity) to those who sign up as supporters, such as free bitbop service and discounts for bitbop service.  The idea is to incentify both participation as a contestant but also to follow the contest as a supporter.
      Concerns which may be addressed
      1. Scale - It would be possible to change a large scavenger hunt into smaller tasks with each team only completing one in a timed manner as before.  More teams could be included and in a less formal way.