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Mobile emotions.
take your favorite emotions anywhere.

cameras capture special events arranged in time that viewers record and share them online, these events are broadcast live on screens arranged on billboards in the parades of buses.

after the events repetitions will be displayed on the same screen for a month, allowing visitors to the site vote for the most popular and the winner will be given a mystery prize.
1. the event:

This are focused on some potential service consumers, for example people who wants drama likes more an special event related with couples on public park, the idea is put 20 special tables on city plaza and invite to couples to take a free wine cup, as this happens, viewers can watch the event from screens placed at the site and at principal bus stops in the city, to encourage more couples are recruited to sit we have few pairs of actors that encourage a romantic atmosphere in the site.

for those who like the extreme, will track skaters skate for the area do their best pictures and share them with your friends

2. Buzz and awardness

all event´s videos will be captured by bystanders, and they share them through facebook or twitter, the idea is to reward the best video 30 days after the event, the prize will be a surprise (or public annouced to encourage the people to share your video and create extra viral buzz of, an this will be delivered to most popular choice for visitors to the site

3. The site:  site must be allow users to see and share your favorite videos and provide a tour about bitbop services, this tour will be include a 3 free days of service for first 500 users, with compatible system mobile devices.

who are bitbop, for us, this a mobile emotions system, because this allow you enjoy your favorite comedy, drama, action and more tv generes for low montly fee. why not