bitbop TV festival
the bitbop independent television festival


this will be promoted as the best place to debut new TV shows( as done in popular film festivals), except the shows are screened and voted for through bitbop channels on portable devices.

it will become an annual event sponsored by small university towns as a way to promote themselves and boost local tourism.

inependent producers of television media  are invited to debut their content at our festival.

thematic red carpets will be placed at strategic high traffic locations

a big awards ceremony wil be held at a physical venue to announce the winners.

official and unofficial parties for bitbop festival will happen throughout the week.

fans can attend scheduled autograph sessions and photo opportunities with participating  celebrities.  no hasselhoff allowed.

key benefits

bitbop is able to leverage its technology to entice bigger players to partner in the event.

bitbop is able to showcase its services  to a target audience that lives and loves television.

there will be a rise in subscribers during the month of the event, from fans and industry wanting to participate.

the promotional budget spent is building equity in a major asset; that being a self perpetuating annual event.

this will be the first virtual screening festival of its kind, allowing people worldwide to participate just by being a bitbop subscriber.

virtual screenings do not require physical real space to show the entires, so the festival can be accomplished with very little budget.

bitbop can provide temporary internet communities for fans to discuss the new shows being debuted, with input from the onscreen and offscreen talent.

more to come....

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