A Walking TV?
Simple: bitbop reps walk around with flat screen tv's on them (yes, literally hanging around their necks) in high density areas specific to the target market (transit, local gatherings, commuter hubs, notable events ).


From the summary you understand the premise.  But why?

The idea is that these TV's can't broadcast anything, and what a shame it is.  But bitbop can!

Screens will have signs relaying a similar message, to the extent "I can carry my TV around, but not watch anything.  What would you do?"

On the back it says, "I bitbop to save my back", tell us why you do/ what do you use it for? @Twitter/Facebook, or better yet, show us!

Creative entries will receive free service with the most creative entry being showcased on the website as the flagship image for the campaign.

Want to know more? Leave a comment and let's hash this out!  

Together we can entertain the idea of better backs everywhere!

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