Never Stop
Never Stop


Bitbop promises to be the sole provider of on-the-go entertainment on the market. Its launch must create buzz in the market and it relies primarily on WoM, be it online or offline, to reach as many users as possible. One of the main constrains is, of course, the budget. 

The opportunity

Due to the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, we�re always on the go, jumping from place to place, moving around from the office, to our houses and late at night going out with friends for a refreshing beer.

But what about the time we spent on the road, between our destinations? This is where Bitbop can move in and catch the attention of its users, by providing them with streams of their favorite shows on their mobile phones or tablets.

The concept

We all love to turn our waiting time into enjoyable minutes of our loved shows. To catch up on the latest episodes and experience what it�s like to have the TV at our fingertips. Thus, we�d never lose anything important and we�d be always up-to-date with the TV series that we enjoy.

The idea

Give everyone a taste of what it�s like to control their waiting time and also deliver the best in TV, on the go. We mount special projectors and LED screens in all the busy parts of the city: the metro stations, the bus stations, jammed intersections, train stations, malls, etc. We let everyone know what�s the deal with them: with a simple download (from the App store, Android market, etc.) they can get a special app that turns their phones into remote controls. By connecting to a wireless network provided by the screens or projectors, they�re able to switch channels, pause and play, fast forward and rewind different TV shows: Dr. House, The Big Bang theory, Mad Men, concerts, news, documentaries (whatever is in the Bitbop offer). The effect of their actions is visible on the screens, the time could be limited so everyone can have a go at the technologic gimmick, and, after they�re done �zapping�, an on screen message lets them know that the rest of the show is available on their phone, on

Never stop

The tagline is closely related with the concept and with Bitbop�s promise: turn downtime into fun time. Bitbop never stops delivering the best in TV shows and you never stop watching your favorites. And in fact, why should you? Now you don�t have to resume an episode of Friends just because you have to go to work. Watch it on the go, on your phone, in the metro.