They go where you go
Instead of people going home to see shows, the shows follow the people and then the people follow the shows.


The set-up:

Engage three theater companies looking for self promotion to play out scenes from the hottest series in places where BitBop is used most often. Get one local celebrity in each theater team to help boost PR. This should be a well-known, attractive female in order to drive interest from both men and women.

Option: if budget and connections allow it, strike a deal with one of the big shows looking for promotion to have one of the actual stars from the series make an appearance with at least one of the theater crews

Each theater company will play out episodes from 3 majorly acclaimed series in Germany. The scenes will be no longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds.  The scene will be well set up with lights and sound to draw attention 

At the end of each scene, the team of actors raises 5 panels which form a box on which the viewers can see:

  • -       (on each side) the BitBop logo and message �Transform your time�
  • first side: a QR code that takes them to a site where the campaign is presented
  • second side: a URL for the same site for those who are not comfortable using QR codes
  • third side: a message and leads to follow the theater company on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube
  • fourth side: name of the theater company and actors in it 
  • top: the BitBop logo and message + big QR code for those looking from the windows of office buildings to scan

Start the first scene at rush hour in the public transport stations close to major media buildings in order to attract the attention of journalists.

The follow through

On the site and social networks, viewers can find the schedule of appearances so they can follow them throughout the duration of the campaign.  

The schedule should be posted on a day by day basis in order to keep people returning to the site and actively following the networks.

The scenes will be plaid out in highly trafficked areas of the city, in front of places where BitBop users would generally access the service.

The communication will be managed by a central spokesperson and supported by each and every actor in the companies.

Viewers have the following incentives to get in on the game: 

  • those who catch all the showings of one theater company (they have to prove it by checking in / posting photos or  videos from the location) get a lifetime membership with BitBop
  • those who check in at at least one performance get a 3 month subscription to BitBop
  •  those who bring the most friends to a scene can get to be part of the next scene and a selection will be made out of all the scenes to turn them into a video spot (in which they would naturally appear)


The up-sell


Viewers can take their engament even further as they�re invited to:

  • set up their own showing and promote it within their groups of friends if they want to. A BitBop team will provide the costumes, lights, sound and filming of that scene and the participants can share the final, professionally edited footage with their friends.

An extra incentive would be giving the most viewed actors an audition for a series in either Germany or the US  

  • Request a show for themselves, their office or their friends


The follow up

Data regarding all the users that is gathered through this campaign is carefully and diligently stored in a Social CRM system and then used to convert people to paid subscriptions via email marketing campaigns (special attention will be paid to respecting privacy laws) 

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