Spinning time
Transforming time transforms clocks and watches


The set up 

Take public clocks and clocks in places where the BitBop target audience is reachable and brand them with BitBop's logo and message. 

Variation: for the really, really big clocks around the city, post an LCD screen right in front of it, showing episodes of the most loved shows from the programming

Do all the branding in one night so that the first thing in the morning, commuters see this all around the city. Go for big bang rather than long term: best to get as much exposure as possible during 3 days than to have little exposure over the course of a month. 

Add a QR code and URL on the clock or in its near vicinity so people can:
  • get more information if they want it
  • sign up for a free trial for a month 

The follow-through 

On the site, users can report the longest / most boring / most annoying waiting times around the city.

The BitBop team will take the top entries and:
  •  post a big screen in those places so people can watch their favorite shows while they wait
  • post download options for quick demo episodes that people can watch while they wait 

The up sell

The BitBop team heads out to these locations and hands out branded watches and/or smartphone / tablet sleeves,  each with its own tracking code printed on the fabric. When the receiver enters that tracking code on the site, he gets one month free on BitBop and can give 5 of his/her friends 1 month free trial as well