Party’s Over

Design the logo/visual identity for the global no impunity initiative by Transparency International!


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Dear all! We are looking forward to start this awesome project for Transparency International! Please notice a small change in the briefing:

Transparency International is looking for a logo that consists of a word and/or design mark!

Let's go for it!

Will you provide the logo of Transparency, or should we take a screenshot?

You wish to combine your logo with the existing one? I will ask!


(: yes I am also very happy about this project and really looking forward to it! Thanks Xavier!

hi dora, a short question to the poster, should all 4 taglines be in 1 poster, actually it sounds so, but it makes less sense to me, cause all are different!?

Hi rural_minds, On the poster should be one tagline together with your new logo.

is it okay to use $, what is main currency?

Hi there, The logo/visual identity should be able to be used world wide. However, I think the $ is highly recognizable as a symbol for money/currency. Hope that helps! Best wishes, Jess

according to the latest comments probably not a general character... curios contest

It is hypocritical of Jovoto to work on "transparency" initiatives, when they themselves covertly censor any criticisms, and expel the critics. in an attempt to "cleanse" their "community".

Dear Teigan,

thanks for your honest opinion. We are not doing censorship – but right, we delete inappropriate and sexist submissions like the one you submitted in another project.

Hey Teigan! You're back again with a new name??? ;)

I had to delete another comment here that was referring to extreme political directions.

Your action proves my point that Jovoto deletes critical comments it can't refute. How easily you dictators are manipulated.

How ironic would it be if these comments disappear ?

If the Slogan PARTYS OVER will be translated in different languages its not really possible to create a brand name. Or will the Slogan be used in english for all countries and be translated in addition?

Dear Keco,

please just work with the given wording • “Party’s Over” slogan that consists of a word and/or design mark • that can be combined with each of the taglines No votes, no power. No bribes, no money. No privileges, no impunity. No exception, no escape.

In case there´s need to transfer your design into another language or literary language it will be no big deal to transform it according to your design.

Yours Jesko

Okay. Thanks for your prompt anwser.

hi together, should we create 4 poster, according to each tagline? I don't hope :)

Dear rural_minds,

please design a supporting poster which includes the Party’s Over logo and one of the four taglines. = ) Of course you can show that your poster works with all of them, if you feel like.

Yours Jesko

Hai. I have a typography or font idea. But, i need a Creative Commons license 's font. Where can i get it?

Dear LKK1511,

if you need to find free fonts just google it. You will find thousands and just need to check if they are authorised for non-commercial purposes. Then please provide the links where these can be downloaded, to let the client have a second look.

Yours Jesko

Free font? How to check it then? I download most of the font from different website. many of them are I don't know whether it is authorized or not.
Should i provide the link in the description?

I usually trust - dafont is completely unreliable, since they have loads of illegal fonts, or ones only suitable for personal use.

Dear LKK1511,

yes, please provide the link.

Yours Jesko

What about logo?

You wish to show your logo in combination with the already existing Transparency International one? We could add that to the download materials. It is important though for everyone to note that it is NOT mandatory to use!

We just added it!

Where do we put the links of the fonts? We must create a specific image for this purpose, with the links? Or put in comment? I think that the "fonts" should be referred to the public if any of our work was the winner!

Dear nunorobin,

please provide the link to the fonts you use in the idea description.

Yours Jesko

Hello everybody,

Transparency International is overwhelmed by your efforts to support their cause and by the broad variety of ideas! - A big Thank You from their side!

We had a great discussion with them about your ideas and here is the synthesis of their feedback for you:

Symbols A symbol - a tie for example - does not mean the same thing all around the globe. A sign like "$" is not perceived with the same feelings in all cultures. Other symbols such as "§" are not known in all areas. Who could solve this problem if not YOU our beloved international creative community. Please try to find symbols that are understandable across all countries and cultures and please comment your colleague's work if it shows something that in your culture would not be understandable.

Tonality Of course your work should be activating - but at the same time it should not be aggressive, violent or appalling. Guns, blood etc. are not appreciated.

Fields of Corruption Many of your visuals make seem there's only corruption in the field of business. But actually business is only part of the issue. Corruption can be like, politicians give money to people in exchange for their votes, judges take money from corrupt persons to influence their decisions, doctors take bribes from patients to treat them or their relatives or even government officials appoint family members to public positions outside of due processes.

Claim The campaign claim will have to be translated into many languages. So make sure your design is not attached to a word or a line in just one language (e.g. if you depend on a word with an "O" to put a face in it that will become impossible if the word is translated into another language.)

Gender Many of your visuals have a strong masculine connotation. Please try to find a "gender-balance" in your work as this is important to the Transparency International policies.

Colors Many colors are occupied by well known NGO's - Yellow/Black e.g. stands for Amnesty International, Light Green for Greenpeace - Try to find colors that fit to the TI Brand (blue black white) or that differentiate in an other way from those bit NGOs. Seeing your work in color-variations is very appreciated.

TI Brand Talking about the TI brand: You can of course use the TI logo for your campaigns - but if you do so please leave the logo unchanged.

Implementation Please don´t forget to show your Logo on a poster – there's many great Logos that have not yet been shown in use. Its really interesting to see how they would work together with other graphic or photographic elements. To see a complete design-concept is most interesting to TI.

In the name of the TI Project Team and members of the International Board and decision making body - which you can see HERE we say a big THANK YOU and look forward to more of your great work!

Why don't you/or the client mark all logos that they would like to see on a poster? Would make no sense to invest more time in ideas they are not interested in.

Hey voto! The project is not over yet, so theres plenty of time left for fine tuning / development / new ideas .. Especially with the feedback you can meet the needs of TI even better! So I don't see why it wouldn't make sense to "invest more" in any idea in this project.

Hi Dora, marking ideas the client is interested in, would be a helpful feature because it would reflect the clients feedback visible for everyone and/or the idea owner. This would be a real motivation. As long as the clients feedback under the briefing has (almost) no influence on peoples voting, i can't see any reason to upadte ALL ideas. Especially if only 10 get price money and only one will be licensed. ;)

"...we say a big THANK YOU and look forward to more of your great work"

Cool, next time i have to pay my food, i will say: a big THANK YOU and i look forward to more of your great food." Let's see if it works ;)

Huh? I don't really get your arguments voto. I sent you a pm.

It's about efficiency! Why should 200 people should fine tune 200 ideas if just 4 of them are interesting for the client? How would you do it in a real project: You show 4 ideas. The client says, no, no , yes, maybe and then you fine tune 2 ideas but not 4. That's the way it should be here too. Right now you are burning a lot of poeple's time...

Hey Voto,

sorry, I think here´s a misunderstanding.

I do completely understand what you mean and I think its an interesting point to think about.

And of course its still up to you if you think your idea already hits the right direction or if you think you would need an update.

Actually the client feedback is being made for for creatives as well, to get a better idea of the direction of the project and review if your idea matches the criteria or not. After the overall feedback we usually get back to single ideas as well.

Pointing out ideas liked by the client and ask them for a certain update might be an intersting idea as well.

Yours Jesko

Hi Jesko, that's what i mean. And because there could be a big difference between what I think about my idea and what the client thinks about my idea, i think a more direct feedback for ideas the client likes is very useful.

agree, a good point, could be quite interesting and bring a much better rsult for us & the client!

thanks for the feedback. it is good if you get a rating during the contest by the customer. I do not understand one thing. know the customer at all what he wants? he wants a logo that consists of the lettering "partys over" and / or a sign. the lettering should be able to be implemented in any language? but that should have a logo context? if you write it too simple text sees it every time different. When the text-ais is a sign you can not translate it. I'm confused. the contest seems to me without imagination what you want to have... curious contest!

hi there claudivanhinten! The briefing explains quite well what the client is looking for :) - You are right, the task is to create a logo for the “Party’s Over” slogan that consists of a word and/or design mark. That is step 1. - Step 2 is to show posters with: the logo created in step 1 & using one of the four taglines each mentioned in the briefing. These are going to be translated in many different languages.

@claudiavanhinten: I agree with you about the logo/translatable text problem.

I´m still confused. The phrase: "Party´s over" will be translated too?

Bert you name it! I'm cofused too!

@Bert: Japp! :) Really a confusing contest.

Hey there, I agree it is a little confusing. Let's have a look again:

"The initiative will run in many different languages (i.e. Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish) and the slogans and taglines will be translated and vary in length. "

Slogan = Party's Over Taglines = 4 different ones

"Since the logo/poster will be used internationally make sure that both are multi-culturally understandable."

So yes all is going to be translated - "This initiative will run worldwide to reach general mass audiences."

Do not worry though, you have great ideas in here already that T.I. can imagine working with! Ideally your whole poster can work in any language - which is no easy task I know - but also kinda necessary somehow if you run a worldwide initiative ;)

In my oppinion "Party's Over" is understandable all over the world, espacially from these groups we concern.

Can you tell me the size of the Logo and the poster?? Thanks al lot Carolina

The logo will be used in different sizes, that's why it is important that you make sure it still looks good and works in small size too!

I'm not sure if there's ONE set poster size (I doubt it and assume there would be also more sizes in the end - this is a campaign for all around the world!). If this is really important for you working on the task I could check with the client if they have ideas on poster sizes yet.

Müssen auf dem Plakat neben dem Logo alle 4 Taglines sein?

Dear julianwagner712,

thanks for asking! No, you do not have to show all of them on 1 poster. Its just that you show how your taglines work with your logo design.

Yours Jesko

Thanks for the feedback.

After reading the feedback, i found myself don't know much about corruption of today!!! Many design show corruption of the past. Money, power, court, hand, handcuff, masculine, Black & white, prison, higher earned people involved most, ... completely forget involvement of feminine in corruption & their roles of fighting corruption, ... wow, i miss a lot!

This is going to be tough & hard! But, let see how can i improve & develop the idea!

Thanks LKK1511!

I think you are right but and its not an easy task. But I personally enjoy learning a lot from the client here, too.

Yours Jesko

That's true. It is no an easy one! I also quite enjoy & learn from this project.


Hi there Rico, The main goal is that your logo / poster should be multi-culturally understandable. You may use symbols but they should have the same meaning in every country / culture - else it could get difficult.

thx for the reply Dora! yes i understood, but i mean, if translating the slogan, what seems to be happen, the letters aren't the same anymore! for example, i thought about a Logo, working with the O, but there will be a language without an O in the translation for sure, so it makes no sense to work on a logo using letters from the slogan!? Unfortunately!

well, and putting the sign out of a letter maybe befor the slogan, as alternative, often makes the logo idea not working! :(

well.. yes. That's right. I would say keep in mind that this is a worldwide initiative and your idea should work everywhere / but feel free to add other versions too which you think are great and where it's not 100% sure if they would work worldwide.

By the way, you should start a discussion with TI to eliminate the headline "NO PRIVILEGES, NO IMPUNITY", cause it could be completely defined negative concerning the campaign. Complete the sentence: "If you have no privileges, you will have no impunity". Should I say more?

That is an interesting discussion hobore! You have a point there!

I prefer "NO EXCEPTION, NO IMPUNITY" instead of "NO PRIVILEGES, NO IMPUNITY" and "NO EXCEPTION, NO ESCAPE". It's stronger in my opinion.

I think that today is "BASHERS TIME"

Project guides, Could you protect our work from bashers and fake profiles please??, Thanks in advance :))

Hi sophD,

Rest assured :-) We are currently doing rating monitoring.

Best wishes, Jess

Dear all, the submission period for Part'y Over just came to an end. Thanks a lot to all for participating and your 372 ideas, there's a great diversity in your approaches!

Now let's make sure the community prizes go to those who YOU think done the best job here! Already now there are just above 8000 votes - I am curious how many it will come to in the next 7 days.

Make sure that your opinion also counts by going trough the submissions and leaving some ***s !

i will submit my logo. help!

Sorry, Jimmy. The Project is closed now. You can only vote. :(

yep, the submission period ended. you can still leave your votes! thanks Ramona for reacting.

Dear participants,

thank you all so much for your engagement and for making this beautiful project a great success! The Community Ranks just went online, but even better than that: We have a great personal THANK YOU NOTE directly from Transparency International to YOU! They said "This is the thank you note we prepared for the Community –and we mean every word!" So here it goes:

"Dear Jovoto Community

Congratulations and a big thank you to all of you who invested time and talent into creating a design for our Party’s Over campaign! You produced 372 ideas with over 1892 variations. Through your comments we could see that many of you considered this as an opportunity to learn more about the consequences corruption has in our lives. Many commented on the complexities uncovered along the way and the challenge of representing visually the concepts of corruption and impunity. At Transparency International, we applaud your efforts to deepen your knowledge on corruption issues, your dedication to help us make this campaign a success, and we hope this experience has enriched your perspective.

We were pleased to see how many of you took our feedback to give new life or new direction to your ideas. This was by no means an easy task, we know, and appreciate your efforts. Some incorporated more colours in variations, others incorporated diversity in language or gender in the updated ideas.

We were particularly impressed by the deep sense of community reflected in the many comments and feedback to each other, posting overall 4091 comments and awarding 11283 ratings. There was a positive and constructive approach to it, which embodies the spirit of "coopetition" anchored at the heart of the Jovoto experience.

We thank you all for taking part of your valuable time to participate in the "Party's Over" contest. Our jury will meet soon and we plan to get back to you in the next couple of weeks."

Aaaand of course: Congratulations to the Community Prize winners! :)



Congratulations to everyone, a big big thanks for all your support and for making us feel welcomed... and a big kiss to Jovoto for making this possible.

Now it's Party Time ;)

Congratulation to all community winner! It is a great & wonderful works!

Congrats to all the winners!!!!

also congratulations to the winners from me. you did a great job =)

congrats all the winners :)

client's choice winner??????

Dear creativespace,

please understand that client´s choice award decisions are very relevant for clients. There are many people involved and the decision needs time. Secondly we want you to be on the safe side legally – if you sign a license agreement with a multinational brand as a freelancer, your work is protected by an insurance we pay. This is a 2 step license contract, that needs time, too. We can announce the winner officially, when both sides (creative and client) have signed the contract.

I hope that helps to understand, that this needs a little time and patience.

Yours Jesko

Thank you very much, Jesko for this very important information. Just take the time & Do it right!
Until everything is complete, We will wait patiently.

Where are the drumrolls?

Dear All!,

Finally all legal papers are signed and here are the drumrolls.


Big Conragts to you, DENKdifferent, as the double-winner of the Clients Choice Award with your idea "True light" for the best poster and best logo design!

Yours Jesko

Congratulation! It was really a creative one!


Hi everyone,

ONCE AGAIN I am very happy to post a note straight from Transparency International! They would like to share their thoughts on the decision making with you - so here's their statement on the clients choice:

**"Transparency International is glad to award the Jury prize to “True Light” by DENKDifferent. This idea caught our attention on many levels, but most of all for its flexibility and its alignment with the requests defined in the briefing.

In addition to being bold and dynamic, this idea is highly adaptable. This was important for us, as the campaign will be rolled out globally. For example, we can choose a different background photo that is relevant to the message we need to convey. The option of shining the light in many colors and directions also allows us to use a specific colour for one topic, and code-colour the different aspects of the campaign as we need it. We also liked the idea of using an element such as the torch, which allows us to think of distributing torches to people participating in campaign events, such as demonstrations or marches.

“True Light” also has a deeper alignment with Transparency’s campaign to stop impunity by making visible things that are currently away from the public’s eyes. Even after reviewing all of the 372 ideas and their over 1892 variations, this idea caught our attention early on. Congratulations to DENKdifferent for a well thought out concept!"**

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts in this statement, Transparency International! :)

Dear everyone! Since you did such an amazing job in this Project, Transparency International decided to come back and do the follow up with you guys too! The new challenge Unmask the Corrupt just started. Once again it’s your chance to get involved in the fight against grand corruption with your creative ideas. Check out the Brief and get the new award called the Social Award by spreading the word. Head to the Brief here

Dear all, it's been a while since this great project with Transparency International. You had so many strong ideas on how to address the issue of getting away with corruption and designed very strong visuals for the cause.
This time your creativity is asked to make a difference once again: Power to the people is looking for communication concepts for an initiative to make people heard and therefore strengthen democracy (starting in Austria).
Let's make a difference together again, it would be great to see you on board for this new crowdstorm! Check out the Brief here - as well as the weekly Client's Shortlist Awards, that's a nice chance for a reward already early on.
Thanks & See you there! Yours, Dora