True Light
Put all things in its true light


The logo shows a flashlight which will bring light into the corrupt crime and shows all things in its true light.

my idea was, to give the people a "picture in their head" to put a light on the problem. And this flashlight could be a very good give-away for the people. I also thought about a fire lighter, but it is a very small light and it is hot. This could mean, you have to burn down the issue. And this is not the task. Only put the things into the right - the true light.

New version of the flashlight:
4 different colors, 4 different light directions

While I was searching my earring - fallen down in the bathroom, I came up with this new way of thinking. When you searching something you have to turn around the light to see all places. And thats the same here: if there are many problems you have to turn around the light to see all. :)
And the different colors will help you, to differentiate the problems.

the pictures on the posters are in black & white and the light shines directly on the "problem zone" to show the corruption crime.