2. From Game Over to Party´s Over. PONG is internationally well known, even the saying "Game Over".


  1. "Game over" is transfered to "Party´s over". The end of the game so to say is the end of the party  - in this case PONG can be understood as the end of criminal activities of any kind.  The retro design of PONG speaks an international language which fits as well to the elderly (who played PONG in their youth 40 years ago) as well to the younger people who still know this game as a cult game on various consoles. The colours black and white represent the dichotomy of right or wrong/good and evil. The Logo concept can be used whit every mentioned claim like "No Votes. No power" etc. The idea works well with small and big posters, postcards, doorcards or even as a postal stamp and can be easyly transfered into an animated videoclip or an animation on the Transparency International homepage. Used fonts are Arial and Small Fonts. PONG was invented in 1972 by Atari. Similar games and copies followed until today and are still played on smartphones etc.

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