The Party's Over...all over!
Seven Continent's victory above the dark man and his "right choises"


The logo is representative of the message of the campaign, it symbolizes the victory of the Seven Continents, as well as the seven colors of the rainbow, above the darkness and evil that plague our planet. The nature, even if  it can be catastrophic, does only what must be done, it is us:  humans, who decide the fate of our "promise-land". For this reason, only a group of men can fight those who are doing of the man himself, an abuse for their own purposes, exclusively personal to a group of a few who have arrogated to themselves the right choice for everyone, preventing many free will. With this logo I wish to express the strength of free men who want to return to be free forever and wherever. The pacefully fight we are starting is not againt what incompetent politicians and men of power are perserving in doing, but for those roots we had and we have to reach again. Nowadays we have whatever we need to live all on the same level, whatever we want to feel free, all the consciousness we can fulfill, if we just try all together, then it's time to try! It's time to start again with the right foot towards equality and freedom and establish the equilibrium of body, mind and soul that all humans that feels this way can desire.

 Let's aspire equality, let's inspire freedom, let's expires unscrupolous power!

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