Im Visier
The basic idea is to have the "sight" on the corruption, to examine it under a magnifier..


How can we ALL do something against corruption? Quite easy, we shall not CLOSE our EYES and EAR, maybe taking a closer look to the things happening around us day by day, and if see or hear something corrupt, we shall not be afraid to act, to get proactive. 

Some things might look quite normal / usual, nothing exceptional, but if we take a closer look into it (virtual magnifier), we might discover some illegal actions.. We can influence things to get straight simply with our own behaviour by not supporting corrupt politicians (no votes), not giving money to public servants in case they are expecting it (no bribe), etc.

Logo:  it is a magnifier which has the corruption in its sight (Die Lupe hat die Korruption im Visier) !

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