Design or Die

Zeig uns und Triple 8 NYC wie dein nächster Snowboard- oder Skateboardhelm aussehen soll!

€1,000prize pool

Zeig uns und Triple 8 NYC wie dein nächster Snowboard- oder Skateboardhelm aussehen soll!


Falls du Skater oder Snowboarder bist kann es sein, dass du Triple 8 NYC dein Leben verdankst - Triple 8 ist eine Action Sport Firma, spezialisiert auf Schutzbekleidung für Snowboarding, Skateboarding und weitere Action Sportarten wie Inline-Skating und Roller Derby.

Triple 8 arbeitet direkt mit seinem gesponsorten Team, seinen Händlern und Kunden um neue Produkte und Designs zu kreieren. Diese Strategie funktioniert gut, trotz der Konkurrenz mit weitaus größeren design- und produktentwickelnden Firmen. Um eine neue Linie von Helm-Designs zu entwickeln, wendet sich Triple 8 an die jovoto Community.

Erstmalig probiert jovoto mit Triple 8 ein neues Vergütungsmodell aus. Wie immer gibt es ein unabhängiges Community Preisgeld zu verteilen. Dazu werden die von Triple 8 ausgewählten Designs produziert und der Designer erhält einen 5% Anteil vom EK-Preis jedes verkauften Helms. (Eine erklärende Diskussion dazu führten wir hier, bitte auch die Kommentare lesen)

Triple 8 sieht diesen Contest außerdem als Gelegenheit, die jovoto Community kennenzulernen - wenn es gut funktioniert und der Contest ein Erfolg wird, könnte im Anschluss daran ein jovoto Contest stehen, bei dem es, über das reine Artwork hinaus, dann um die Form und Gestaltung des tatsächlichen Helms gehen wird.

Task Definition

Die Aufgabe ist simpel. 

Entwickele eine Reihe von neuartigen Designs für zwei von Triple 8's wichtigsten Produkten???:

den Triple 8 brainsaver skate helmet und den old school snowboard helmet with audio??

Das heißt, verändere nicht die Form oder das Design des Helms, sondern zeige uns das Artwork/Design was AUF den Helm drauf soll. Verändert werden kann also auch die Hintergrundfarbe des Helms.

Stell sicher, dass Triple 8 Logo(s) in deinem Design zu sehen sind. Du solltest das Logo-Design nicht verändern, aber du darfst gerne kreativ mit den existierenden Logos umgehen, was Größe, Farbe, Positionierung usw. betrifft.

Verwende das 2-D Template im Downloadbereich um deine Designs zu präsentieren!???

Jenseits der Anforderung das Template zu verwenden, ist das Briefing offen - wir wollen, dass die Community frei designed und bewertet, und darüber diskutiert, was sie und andere gerne tragen würden.?

Target Group

?Skaterboarder, Snowboarder und andere Actionsport Liebhaber. Diese Leute wissen was hip ist und haben ein Gespür für Kreativität und Stil.

Beachte aber auch, dass Triple 8 Produkte ein breitgestreutes Publikum haben, von Kindern bis zu Erwachsenen. Designs, die NUR 16-jährigen gefallen, könnten zu speziell für dieses Projekt sein.


Stell dir vor, was Actionsport Liebhaber tragen wollen. Kreiere ein Design, dass zeitgemäße Trends auf den Punkt bringt aber gleichzeitig so einzigartig und cool ist, dass es für sich steht.

Als Marke versucht Triple 8, seine Verpackung, das Marketing und  Produkdesign clean und doch zeitlos cool zu halten.?

Mandatory requirements

Eine Voraussetzung ist, dass du dein Design anhand des 2-D Templates präsentierst! Das Template ist das gleiche für Snowboard- und Skateboardhelm. Du findest die Vorlage zum downloaden im Material-Bereich.

Zusätzlich gibt es ein faltbares Template, was benutzt werden KANN, aber nicht MUSS.

Darüber hinaus kannst du deine Idee mit zusätzlichen Darstellungen visualisieren.

??Du darfst maximal 5 Ideen in diesem Contest einreichen.?

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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Is triple8 able to carry on with royalties on designs with copyrighted stuff? I mean, in case not there are already some designs on contest that will not make it to the top3 for this reason, I think you should specify this. Thanks

How many designs can we submit? Is there a limit? I will not be submitting hundreds, but would like to upload 4-5 designs. Is this ok?

The Limits are 5 Ideas, maybe we need an briefing in english häe?

Squalidsketch: but there is a briefing in English. Switch to English on the bottom right of the page, in the footer ;-)

@arnieslove: that's a very good question. I think there WILL br a problem in realizing a design which is based on copyrighted stuff. It's at least very costly, and thus probably not a very attractive option.

But this is a contest about showing what YOU would like to wear - and if it's a cartoon character, then it's a cartoon character. The decision which designs are the best, and most practicable to be realized, is a second step. The community winners must not necessarily correspond to the designs 888 chooses.

Also, I believe this contest is still young and we will see a lot more designs and styles and different approaches coming in soon. But thanks for pointing this out - it's important to be aware of copyright issues.

Why can't the design be submitted with the 3-D images found on Google, it makes the wrapping and the contours hard to visualize.

@munson11 you can certainly find more modes of visualizing your idea. The 2-D template is the minimum requirement. This makes it easier to compare and rate the ideas.

Does thier exist a final "printtemplate" ? to create the file easy- printable? thx alot and btw awsom' contest!!!

sad there are so little illustrations. my 1st entry ist to come soon... where are all the guys that contibuted the wicked stuff for hydrophic ?

@kornflakes Try using the foldable template. You should be able to print that out and fold the thing into a 3-D shape! Haven't tried it myself... if you have the time it would be awesome to see you do it - send us some photos and I'll put them up on the blog. This might help some of the others who don't have so much experience with imagining their illustrations on a 3-D shape...

@dizzydwar - I know! It's really time that Spanish crowd gets reactivated! maybe they are to busy surfing?? I agree with you, I'd also love to see some more original illustration - and there have been some really cool ones, let's not forget that. But I also find it interesting how the community inspired each other to do more and more hilarious funny reality-helmts! Some of them really made me laugh... though I'm not sure if I had the guts to wear it :) I'll keep my eyes peeled for your submission.

... did jovoto change the number of ratings necessary to show? its 5 now? before was something like 15 or so... WHY i think this was nessecary to prefent votes from beeing influenced by another. i think 5 is way to less....

btw...i would really like to see a completely transparent voting system.

The 2-D template is a requirement, many designers are not using this...

What is the "Public Contest" about? Is that so other people can submit designs? Can they vote?...what is the purpose?

Right now, public contests only mean that all ideas can be viewed by people not part of the jovoto community. But only community members can participate and rate. In a public contest, it is also possible to spread ideas directly to twitter and facebook via the 'share' buttons.

Re Tempplate: Yes, I saw that some users are not using the 2-D Template, but instead use a image of the helmet to represent their designs. In the end, I decided not to ask them to change it, because the difference is not so huge between the two representations. I felt that in this case it would be the better decision to just let it roll.

@dizzydwar the number of ratings needed before a rating score becomes visible, is variable. This is a fairly new feature and we are trying to find out which amount works best. For some contests, it may be wiser to have more, in some less.

You can read quite extensively about our voting system here:

@dizzydwar thats n0t ok - its a open contest so ALL people can vote if they want BUT! first they also have to be registred 2nd this is just what the contest meant to be. THAT IS NOT a reason why u post on every cheshires entries and also on your's. Your designs are great but your behavior ...i dont know. Cheshire's designentries are also very cool so be a nice compititor and let the contest a contest. Last but not least. One private message to the jovoto-Contest-Guide would be much more sensefull then spamming around. My designs also lost lot of places but thats how it works. And if triple 8 think design nr 68 would be great they will choose it to realise.

In my opinion, It's a pity to see designers throwing stones to another designers, with the only purpose to win the contest... In my opinion, some votes, comments, users... are suspicious, but, I agree that's is a jovoto's admins work, and i agree they made the best who can. Like comments of some users who pass the line of "constructive critique" to try to "destroy" the idea. And It's so strange when some of this upload a design who doesn't arrives to basically graphic level to compete with another works.

But this is a competition, and like the word "competition" will be, some users play fair and anothers unfair but this is the life of the game. This is a behavior who some of us can think about it, If someone don't play fair I believe he didn't can't win playing fairly and all of us can analyze the authentic purpose of this... ¿I'am really a good creative? ¿A good worker? ¿A great illustrator? Or only a person who needs money or have the lust to be a winnner.

Obviously the best designers/illustrators maybe can't win, these happens in some contests, but all of us know what is great work or not, this is a question who all of us have to think about it and analyze us, us work, and us graphical criteria.

Greetings to the winners.

And of corse the Triple 8 staff is who select and approve what of the designs of the competition will be the winners.

And I agree with dizzydwar in one thing... The user Keith uses in his avatar a illustration style toooo suspicious and his likes dislikes too... But Its maybe only my imagination...

Hi, graphixjunkies, with some things you may be wright …

Here's a quotation: "I joined a cult. An art cult. A group of arty design people like me have formed a club where we find art contests and other open submission type things and then we all submit designs and then vote for each other. It's a win/win. here's the first act of business for Art Cult. 888 Skateboard Helmet design contest. you have to register and it's kind of a pain in the ass but once your're in you can vote for my shit." That' life …