Child Rights Contest

Kinderrechte in die Köpfe! UNICEF Schweiz betraut die Community mit einer großen Aufgabe: Sie soll eine Kampagne zum Thema Kinderrechte entwerfen. €3,500 prize pool

Kinderrechte in die Köpfe! UNICEF Schweiz betraut die Community mit einer großen Aufgabe: Sie soll eine Kampagne zum Thema Kinderrechte entwerfen.




UNICEF is the Children's Fund of the United Nations. It was raised immediately after the Second World War, as an organization helping children in emergency situations. Today UNICEF advocates the improvement of general living conditions of children in over 150 nations. The organization also facilitates the implementation of the "UN-Convention on the Rights of the Child" in 190 nations, which is the fundament for statutory regulation and realization of child rights in every country. Approved in 1989, the UN Child Rights Convention celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. UNICEF Switzerland is launching an idea contest, specifically on the subject of Child Rights.



*Complimentary Award/ Donation & Ideaprice: In this contest, apart from the community prize money, there will be a complimentary award of 1500€, which will be donated to a good cause. Once UNICEF decides to realize an idea, the regular prize for a 'sold idea' applies (1500 €). You'll find detailed information here.



Task Definition

Visualize campaign ideas with the capacity to touch and inspire the general public and to put Child Rights on top of the agenda. We're asking for unusual, contemporary ideas that work without resorting to clichés but have the power to create awareness.


You're free to choose your media: Whether you make a poster campaign, a TV Spot, sketch out a slogan or plan performances or activities is up to you. From a series of clay animation clips up to an integrated campaign for the ten most important Child Rights, spread out across a diverse range of media, everything goes.


Before you start, you should engage in learning more about UNICEF and its point of view on the Child Rights and Child Rights Convention.




The Child Rights Convention is quite complex and extensive: there are not only ten basic rights (sorry, there is just a german version at the moment) and they don´t deal exclusively with themes like child soldiers, domestic abuse, starvation etc. There are also rights which are less "attractive" to visualize, for example the right to appropriate living conditions or access to information. (See also Download Material/ Child Rights Convention and here)


Child Rights are not only a Third World theme. Of course, child rights can be discussed also in this context. But UNICEF would appreciate if the contest focused more on diverse rights in an international context. 

Also it would be nice if you thought not only about poster campaigns but also about other campaign options. 

Target Group


Your free to choose your target audience. This might be the entire population, or it might be a campaign especially developed for kids or focussing on parents and teachers: It's most important that you manage to catch your target audience's attention.



The tonality should be adequate: appealing and with the needed objectivity.

Mandatory requirements

  • the UNICEF Logo has to be integrated
  • the Logo is a figurative mark and can't be seperated


get more information here:


Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


Steht eventuell Fotomaterial zur Verfügung?

Man sollte vielleicht auch erwähnen, dass der Auftraggeber ein massives Imageproblem hat(te):

Es handelte sich damals nicht um die Unicef Schweiz, sondern um Unicef Deutschland. In so fern ist Dein Hinweis für diesen Contest nicht so relevant. Und in Bezug auf Unicef Deutschland hat, soweit ich informiert bin, eine große externe Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft die Vorwürfe allesamt als "nicht zutreffend" eingestuft und Unicef korrektes Wirtschaften bestätigt.


m+ssen fertige Layouts eingereicht werden oder reichen Scribbles bzw. einfach eine Beschreibung des Plakats, Anzeige usw. ?

over 8 years ago
@BUCHSTABENSCHUBSE Es müssen keine fertigen Layouts eingereicht werden. Scribbles sind auch o.k. Wichtig ist, dass die Ideen in irgendeiner Form visualisiert sind.

Ideas don't have to be perfect layouts - you also can upload scribbles. Most important thing is a basic visualisation of each idea.

Wie hoch ist das Budget der geplanten Kampagne?

Und wieso steht diese Information nicht im Briefing? Das kann doch nicht euer Ernst sein, oder? :-)

I am very happy to see so many good ideas and good efforts in this contest. It makes me realize that people care. Thank you everyone! Thank you Jovoto.

Where can I submit my ideas ? I'm trying to find the link with no result. Thank you