Golden future campaign


Although their aim is to find gold, their future is not golden at all. Their future is not shinny and it is certainly not bright either.
Use this play on words to make the beholder think. I want the people to be marked by the poster/ads. When you look closely the kids are wearing jewelry, probably the type of items which are used with the minerals they have extracted in so difficult conditions. I wanted to show the link between our actions (as consumers) and their life. We also directly affect their life. It is provoking, hopefully thought provoking.
I know some people will moan that I have used child labour pictures and that it is not very innovative. So be it. I think a picture says more than thousand words/slogans/logos.

I do not own the copyright of the pictures. I merely use them to present my idea. I think UNICEF should have enough pictures of these sorts and the layout/design could be reproduced.