Ich hab immer Recht


Children represent Children's Rights.

A T-Shirt Campaign:

The idea is based on a T-Shirt campaign for kids. On each shirt there's the same
print on the front : "Ich hab immer Recht" and on the back there are different prints,
showing the most important childrens rights.

The shirts could be sold in different huge fashion stores and for each sold t-shirt a
certain amount could be invested in a concrete project supporting children and there rights.
So if you want to spend money on the construction of a new school for example you
could buy a "Ich hab immer Recht"..."auf Bildung" - Shirt for your kid or nephew or
friend's child ; )

* it would be great to show pictures of strong and selfconfident children, wearing these t-shirts, but i couldn't find these untill now. perhaps anybody has got a good hint for me...?

thank you for your comments and voting ; )

* these are first scribbles, when i will have more time, i will continue working on this idea to complete the concept.