Stop Child Abuse²


There are tow kinds of abuse: psychological and physical

  • i tried to represent both of them in one concept
    the physical : through a sad toy cause everyday kids are being exploited in the streets (working,being torture)
    instead of having a normal life , playing and being happy.
  • The spychological: Words hurt childrens too,impatient parents or people  can use these phrases against the kids
    when they are angry, but they dont know that these words remain in their minds when they grow up

    No al Abuso: Stop Abuse
    Idiota: Idiot
    Inutil: Useless
    Callate: Shut Up
    Te Odio: I hate you
    No sirves: Worthless

    (I grew up with unicef ads,and while i was a child i could realized that not all childrens have the luck
    of study, play and be kids in this beautiful age; I made this piece a while ago, and i think it's really usefull
    as concept and could it be translate to other languages)

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