we are the future, your future


The basic idea is to turn the coin and make people aware of how important it also is for them to respect children's rights. That it's not someone else's problem. It's everybody's problem. Children have their rights and their well being is the well being of the world.

Every child in this world will grow up one day and have an influence in the world dynamic. This influence is in all levels: politically, economically, socially, scientifically, where ever they develop. This means, when they are "active" in the society as a working force we will be older and dependent upon their success for our future well being. Respect brings respect!

Here you find poster, advert and promotional applications. Regarding tv spot, could see interviews with a child where they describe what they would like to be when they grow up and then a mention as to what is missing in order for them to achieve their goal (always related with children rights).
Please be aware that all photos are just sketches to convey the idea. The children photographed should be from all over the world.