TV Spots "How does it feel"


TV-SPots "How does it feel"

sorry, i had to upload single jpgs, because the system takes no animated gifs, no swf, nor my movs, nor my you need some time and some patience.. ..

this campaign could contain ca 10 different spots.

(my jpgs are certainly just "scribbles" to tell the story.
they could be realised professional and media-friendly like little actionfilms a la Holywood.)

for a lot of people in Europe topics from third world like war, hunger,
and violence are very strange, abstract and far away from their day routine and
personal life (fortunately). So the pictures with children of the 3. world are
awfull to see, but We usually prefer to keep off those topics.

besides in the briefing of unicef is wanted to show the diversity of rights for children.

i want to propose a direction and try a "translation" in "our" day routine.
for us in the western civilisation things like shopping, medical help, or protection is naturally and to be sure.
the people should think about the problems of the childrin while thinking about themselves.

but how does it feel for someone who has money for buying a car to have no name, to get no help, no protection....?
maybe the translation in their world helps the figt for the childrens right.

i think its not necessarily important to picture children, every child grows an adult. and the adults are those who
can help children getting their "right".