Liebe Jovoto-Community ! : )

ich hoffe Ihr blättert die ersten Seiten kurz mal durch. 

Es ist keine Anzeigenkampagne sondern ein hoffentlich spannendes Konzept für ein interaktives Kinderfernsehmagazin zum Thema Kinderrechte � und daher ein bisschen zu lesen.

Danke, wenn Ihr euch kurz Zeit nehmt !! �  Ich habe versucht alles ganz prägnant und knapp auf den ersten Seiten zusammenzufassen.

Euer Jesko

Here a short english abtract of the concept for the international part  of the community:


  • An interactive childrens tv magazine about childrens rights. Produced and broadcasted live out of a youth theater, as a cooperation of UNICEF, the tv-station and a youth-theater.
  • We ask kids about chidren´s rights and we go on research about it with the children. 
  • We are going to work with childrens contributions and feedback � live on stage and via it´s own Unicef-Kids-Tv Youtube Channel.
  • In this way we like to establish dynamic interaction.
  • Integrating TV, social media and youth theater in a cool way and getting a high potential of motivation for kids to take part, get involved and play a part in the magazine and � in a figuartive sense - participate in delevoping our society.
  • We suggest the magazine to be a good compostion out of childrens contributions,features, some interviews with contributing kids on stage, short discussions with the audience,some live artists and a live dj on stage.

I think Unicef Kids TV might become a very exciting, innovative programme and i would love to contribute in realising this concept.

Thanks to Isabel Fee Freund, Ibadete Kadrijaj, KP Schmitz, Alexander Suchy and Anja giving great feedback, while i was and still am working on it. Thanks to Moritz Eikworth for the graffiti works & proposals.