Happy New Cards

Design the new festive holiday and New Year greetings cards for UNICEF’s business customers!

€8,900prize pool

Design the new festive holiday and New Year greetings cards for UNICEF’s business customers!


UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund. Founded straight after the Second World War as an emergency aid organization for children, today UNICEF is committed to improving the living conditions of children in over 150 countries.

UNICEF Switzerland represents the rights of children, collects donations for the worldwide UNICEF programs, informs people about the organization’s work and provides specialist knowledge about new findings in the work for children. UNICEF observes and accompanies the implementation of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in Switzerland.

The UNICEF holiday and New Year cards have a long tradition, not only in Switzerland but also throughout the rest of the world. UNICEF offers a range of various cards with different designs. All cards can be ordered directly from UNICEF’s online shop. The cards are mainly ordered by companies that want to wish their partners or clients holiday greetings and a happy New Year.

As a partner of UNICEF Switzerland, jovoto is providing its services for this project on a voluntary basis.


UNICEF is looking for new images for its holiday and New Year greetings cards, which business clients like to order and send to their partners and customers.

Task Definition

Design the new holiday and New Year card image for UNICEF’s business customers!

You should take the following aspects into consideration when designing your card images:

  • The cards should appeal to businesses and convey sincerest holiday greetings and New Year wishes. 
  • All you have to design is the image for the front of the card; the back of the card is designed and predefined by UNICEF.
  • The format of the card is: A5 (14.8 x 21cm) or 16 x 16cm.
  • The card images can be designed for actual cards or for e-cards.
  • Only use image material for which you own the complete rights! 
  • The design should not feature any text, the only possible wording should be wishes in different languages like Meilleurs voeux / Happy New Year / Frohes neues Jahr.
  • The date/year should not feature in your design.
  • You have free rein when it comes to choosing the look of your card as long as it is compatible with UNICEF’s goals.
  • The design can be festive, figurative, abstract or minimalist.
  • The images should not have any religious associations. 
  • The UNICEF logo should not be part of the design.
  • Special colors and holographic images are possible.

Target Group

The target group is companies that send their business partners and customers holiday greetings and New Year wishes and who want to resume contact with them or remind them that they are here for them. You should appeal to the target audience of UNICEF with emotional and friendly designs.


  • emotional
  • friendly & sincere
  • not too religious
  • not too childish/naive

Mandatory requirements

  • Only use image material for which you own the complete rights so UNICEF can use your idea in exactly the same way you designed it (i.e. you should also avoid using stock images for the background). 
  • Since jovoto is about creating professional design, we reserve the right to remove ideas that look like collages from stock or clip art to hold up a professional design standard.
  • The cards will be used for the first time in 2014  
  • The following elements should not feature in your design:
    • Images with religious associations
    • Weapons
    • Skulls and crossbones
    • Sexist insinuations and any form of nudity 
    • Anything that glorifies violence
    • Indignity
    • Violations of children’s rights
    • Drugs

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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What about the last UNICEF project: Any more detailed clients feedback? positive things... negative... etc.

What are the reasons for reducing the licening money from 1000 to 300 €? A cover for a calender or a card design are quite similar tasks for me.

Thank you for your feedback!


but i like the task, have already some things in mind :)

Hi voto, rural_minds,

UNICEF is an NGO, and they love working with the community and have licensed ideas from the jovoto community in the past. This is there 5 project here on jovoto.

And if you look at the last sentence in the background information, jovoto is providing this project on a voluntary basis.

I just posted the idea that was licensed from the last UNICEF project here: http://www.jovoto.com/projects/childrens-world-agenda/briefing

Best, Jess

yes would be helpful to get a feedback to the calender-cover-contest.. to get into the right direction

We literally just got the go (contracts closed etc.) from the client to announce their licensed idea from the Children's World Agenda project. And remember, it wasn't a Client's Choice, they licensed it on top of the community prize.

They are going to licensing some design ideas from this project right?... :)

Just posted :-) Hot off the press.

Check under the Children's World Agenda briefing!

Hello! Regarding the language used, is it only Meilleurs voeux / Happy New Year / Frohes neues Jahr can be used or any other foreign language which carry the same meaning, like 新年快乐, Salam Tahun Baru, ... can be use too?

Hi there! We would encourage you to design a card that doesn't need any text :) (see designs in the online shop) In case you wish to do so, we would advise to stick with the ones above, something that can reach a lot of people in Europe too..

Its a perfect contest for me! nice nice nice =)))) good luck for all

Hello everybody, I have a question I just joined in this project that I find it very interesting but I saw some participants who are also new invite all their facebook friends to vote for their ideas to be in the first places.

I ask you to review the behavior and ratings that this participant has received and please let me know if this is allowed, thank you!

David Folch.


Dear folch,

Welcome to jovoto and thanks for your question!

Community members are allowed to invite friends and family to take part on jovoto. The key is, *take part. Since jovoto is not a popularity contest, we encourage everyone to get active and involved by commenting, rating and submitting ideas.

In case not everyone takes part in an objective and fair way, we have ways of seeing that too :-)

For example, a community members rating isn't taken into account until they've reached karma of 150. Also we do rating monitoring throughout the project to, well, monitor the rating for fair and objective ratings.

If you see a community member that you feel has suspicious rating behavior, please send the project guide (found on the right side of the briefing) a private message and we'll look into it for you.

Hope that helps answer your questions! Best, Jess

150 karma seems not to disturb these fake members!:( hurdle has to be set higher in my opinion!

Hi Dora, one of the my recent designs are uploaded completely but, still unable to view all, I guess the bug has hit me again! ;) My question is - For how long?

Hello! I think something broke!!!! Why I can't see my ideas for Greetings card in a ideas list?

Hey everyone,

We're having a bit of technical trouble with the uploads at the moment.

Don't worry though, you can continue uploading and we're working to get it fixed as quickly as possible!

Thanks, Jess

wow.. lot of new cards coming in! don't know if i will find time for this project, but i hope so =) good luck to all!

Dear all!

Thanks for participating in this project so far! We are happy about your enthusiasm to participate – but we have to make a statement about the quality of the designs at this point.

As stated in the briefing, jovoto is providing its services for this project pro bono. However we don’t want the quality to suffer from this.

We calculated a licensing fee of 300€ to enable UNICEF to license more than just one idea. The name of the designer will be stated on each card, which is again a really nice plus and a good chance to get your name out there. In the end these cards are going to the business customers of UNICEF!

So for the remaing time - which is still quite long: Please make a good effort to come up with a concept for your design that fits the briefing well! We would like to see your own creations that implement your ideas in a good way!

The briefing already states that you are only allowed to use material that you own the rights for. Since jovoto is about creating professional design, we reserve the right to remove ideas that look like collages from stock or clip art, to hold up a professional design standard.

Thank you!

this is a nice task,but is the size compulsory?

Dear chuks,

Great that you like the task – the format of the card is: A5 (14.8 x 21cm) or 16 x 16cm.

Yours Jesko

Can we use other wishes, like Happy Holidays, Merry X'mas , Season's Greetings, ...

Dear LKK1511!

Try to work out without text. = ) Or please work with the examples given in the briefing above.

Yours Jesko

Hi, is the competition open to anyone across the globe? Please advice thank you.

Yes ! Yes !Yes! Briefing no country restrictions. Anyone can take part. Unicef ​​is an organization for the whole world . Good luck for You from Poland

Hi there! Yes, that is correct, anyone can join the project. Thanks!

Hi there! Is there any feedback from the client? Thank you!

Hi there 313! We did have a feedback talk with UNICEF and they are happy with the results so far and the amount of submissions. So the feedback would be simply: keep on going :) Thanks!

:))Note for all ---- Christmas star not five arms only seven arms. Seven is a symbol of good luck. Star of five points is a symbol of Russia. This is a big mistake !!!. Good luck for All from Poland .

I also made ​​the mistake :)

This is of course only the main stars at the top of the Christmas tree as a symbol of the star of Bethlehem. Good luck from Poland

Version is much . This is the traditional star of Bethlehem - seven arms or six arms. Seven lucky in numerology. Five arms also have a star because the world forgets about tradition. Good luck Leonard !

So many great cards! :)

Well, this was deifinitely the contest including the most entries with shocking colour variations ;-) but of course there where some real "jewels" between! Good luck to all of you!

wer hat den Lizenz preis gewonnen?

That we will let you know as soon as we know! :)

Dear participants of the contest. CONGRATS TO ALL!!!! I admire your work. This is just amazing works here. I would like to get many of your cards for the new year. Maybe we will exchange in LIFE ? I'd like to get your cards for memory, maybe someone wants to play a this game? =)

Do you mean you want one sample of each proposal? wow!

Congrats to all the winners : )

Congratulation to all the winners! There some many great excellent artwork of card in the contest. Hopefully there will be many THE ONES choose by the UNICEF to be produced! Good luck!

Congrats to all the winners, I loved this contest! I know that UNICEF will be very happy to see so many good ideas here :))

Congratulation from me too! Good choice for me :)

still no licence winners??

a big congratulation to all the winers and all who shared great ideas in this beautiful project. good luck everyone! =)

Still no decision from UNICEF?

its not that long till christmas ^^

Where are the unicef winners?

I am very curious for final result !!

Dear AKAntartzis, Rajeev, imago and all! The community winners you can see in the ideas ("Winner") Here: http://unicef2013.jovoto.com/ideas?scope=prizes There is no clients choice yet. We always let you know as soon as we know something. Thanks!

What a pity, clients choice will be much too late for my christmas cards 2013 :(

HURRAY! I have great news everyone:

The client fell in love with 4 card ideas that are going to be licensed!! Give it up for:



Great client choice! Congratz to the four of you! :)

Huge congrats, very very very well deserved :))

Excellent choose! Congratulations to the winner!