christmas gifts
what do we really need? everybody's vital human needs should be fulfilled in this world.


the shape of a classical western hemisphere christmas tree, composed of a mixture of things: those who could really be christmas gifts in our eyes but also strange things in this context like for example a goat or everyday items like a rubber. so this is a christmas tree where everything is represented: basic vital needs, for example food (rice), water (tap), clothing (shoes), hygienics (toothbrush), medical care (band-aid), learning (book) but also things which could have a different meaning when you live in different circumstances. an ipad for example would be just another leisure article for most of us, but for children in poor countries it could be an access to education.

the contrast between usual christmas gifts in a wealthy context and these special christmas gifts should bring the aspect of sharing things closer to the people.

the used material is stock material from the internet now, but could probably be replaced by own pics.

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