Giving Greeting Cards

Design a card to be included in UNICEF's holiday and New Year's greetings card collection.


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Here we go again,

Welcome everyone to this years UNICEF greeting cards project, I am happy to be taking you by the hand and guiding you all the way for the next weeks!

It will be very refreshing to go trough some snow covered landscapes in the heat together with you guys - really looking forward to see what new designs you come up with this time!

As always: if you have any questions, I am here to help. Send me a private message or leave your comment here under the brief, especially if you think it could be relevant for all.

And now - let the fun begin! Who will be the first one to submit?

Best, Dora

How can I make you my guide for my designs? Kind regards Yon

Hey Dora, in terms of "Only use image material for which you own the full rights." does this includes RF/RM Stock which can be licensed either by myself or UNICEF (in case of RM, exclusivity etc)? Or no stock at all only wholly owned content?

Hi Rene, nice to see you here!

Thanks for checking this with us. UNICEF would like to see greeting cards that are 100% your creations all the way - So yes, please no stock at all :)

Really looking forward to see your ideas!

Hello, Dora! If we can't decide which categories (Business or Private) that our idea serve best for the customer, can we put "Both"? Or the client will decide themselves?

Hi there! Yes, you can definitely put in "both". Thanks for checking!

Hi everyone, it's great to see your submissions - keep them coming!

Please remember: It's not about Christmas cards, as that is a religious holiday and the Brief also points out that your designs should stay without any religious associations. Thanks!

Also: We've just added a little video to the Brief, to say "hi" and welcome you to our 7th(!) project with UNICEF!

Dear all!

We now have a date for the Client's Halftime feedback: it will take place on the 29th June. You can see this info in the timeline, right under the "Prize pool.

over 5 years ago

Hi Dora, this is an interesting project and brief. By now I don't really understand how licensing will work. The brief states: " LICENSING FEE €200 or €300 including significant changes in your design". What does that mean exactly? For €300 the client purchases an idea and the right to change that design? Or is the designer/artist obliged to change the design? Or something else?

Regards Sabine

Dear Sabine, sure I can help you there.

So the licensing fee is €200. In case UNICEF really likes the style of your card, but let's say not 100% of the elements you have used, it might be the case that they would ask you if you could make a (significant) change to it. "The card is great, we would love to license it, but with a monkey instead of that alligator in the right corner." (this is of course a very random example). In that case, UNICEF would offer you €100 extra for the extra work you would put into it. By "significant" we also mean something like the example I used. If it's only about exchanging 1 word in your text, that's not really a "significant" change to your design. I hope this helps!

"If UNICEF likes the style of your submission but not the subject shown, they may also ask you to create a different visual in the same style. In this case they will pay 50% more license fee to reward your extra effort."

over 5 years ago

Dear Dora, thanks for your helful & precise explanation. Regards Sabine

You're welcome! :) I'm glad I could help!

Dear jovotans,

I wanted to thank you for the great greeting card designs so far - keep them coming!

Also, this is a heads up to remind you that our Halftime Feedback talk will take place on the 29th - which is next Monday. So please, if you have any questions regarding the project this is a great time to ask and also a great time to upload & update - as the feedback will of course be given based on the pool of ideas already submitted ;)

Thanks everyone, enjoy the weekend!

Dear Dora By accident I've submitted a blanco page. How can I delete it? Kind regards, Yon

You can upload the right picture and put in on the first position. Than you can delete the white page. :)

Hi there, yes, thanks for the assistance DENKdifferent :)

If you have any further questions / problems related to uploading / deleting stuff : feel free to contact me via private message and I will be glad to help!

I delete the picture, save the changes.....but it won't save.....?

Yes - I will contact you in a private message how this works :)

I have found you today ...hello! Super excited to get started.xx

HELLO :) Great, looking forward!

How many designs each person can submit? thanks

Hi there! In this particular project you can submit max. 10 ideas. This info is always to be found in the Upload Form "post your idea". This number may vary in each project.

Hi Dora, do the cards have to be folded or can they be flat?

Hi there, Thanks for checking!

The task is to (only) design one side (cover) of the card - so actually it doesn't make a difference if it's flat or not ;)

From the Brief: "Your task is to design the image that appears on the front of the card only; the back of the card is already predefined by UNICEF. "

Got it...thanks! ;)

Glad I could help! :)

Are we allowed to share using the Facebook and Twitter buttons for the ideas submitted? The buttons are active ...

Hi Cynthia, Thanks for checking this with us!

You are welcome to use them! And please make sure to leave a hint that people should check out the whole project and the other ideas too - or even participate themselves :)

Cheers, Dora

Is Pinterest ok too? I just shared them there with links back to jovoto!

Hi Dora, can the format be horizontal or vertical? So, When we turn it in do you want RGB or CMYK? Thank you so much for your time Dora!


Hi there Margaret!

  • Horizontal and vertical are both fine. There are examples of both in the pool of UNICEFs previous cards.

  • Since the "end product" is to be printed and not for online purposes, cmyk sounds more like it!

I hope this helps,

Thanks! D.

Hi there everyone,

Just a quick heads up again from my side: the Halftime Feedback summery is on its way to you guys!

Dear all,

as promised, here’s the summary of the Halftime Feedback from our talk with UNICEF.

First of all a big Thank You for your work so far - they really like the big pool of ideas in the project! The feedback they gave consists of some more directions, that they would be interested in seeing at this point:

  • There are quite a lot of different styles with different motifs so far - many of them going into a cute / charming / you could almost say childish or naive direction. Which is great! But what they would love to see more of at this point, are designs going into a more PREMIUM direction.

  • One thing that was received really well, is the theme / motif of the globe. So UNICEF would be very happy to see even more designs picking this up!

  • They have noticed, that many of you have prefered blue and green-ish color palettes so far. How about some more red now?

Really looking forward to see to which ideas the feedback will lead you. Bring on the 2nd half of the project! And keep the questions coming if you have any.

Yours, Dora

Hello Dora , please Explain me more about this Section: what they would love to see more of at this point, are designs going into a more PREMIUM direction. Please explain me more clear about it . Thank you ! :-)

Hi there Elham :)

This section is the so called Halftime Feedback: Each project, at about halftime, we have a conversation with the client to see if the ideas are heading into the right direction - and if they have anything to add after seeing the first pool of ideas.

This is exactly what happened here too: UNICEF is really happy with your ideas so far and suggested a few things / directions they would still like to see in the 2nd half. So it's your chance to grab that direct feedback and implement it in your updates / new ideas!

Yes, one thing they have pointed out was that they would now like to see "more premium ideas". They have the feeling that a lot of the cards have a "cute" style and that they have now an amazing pool to choose from those already. But not so many are more serious, premium. Keep in mind: their target group includes business partners too!

Besides, the more directions, the more different styles = the better :)

I hope this helps to understand it better!

Best, Dora

Hello Dora I've replaced the designs 'Ice Blossoms' with new ones but I still see the OLS designs...... What dis I do wrong?

Hi Dora, I had a problem with downloading the project. I now have two projects that are the same. I have named one "to be removed". Is it possible to remove this project? Thanks

Hi there dear Yon and CharlyROSE! Thanks for your questions.

Here's what happened: you can delete any slide within 24 hours of uploading - after that you need to Project Guide-s help in removing them. This is so that ideas don't just start disappearing everywhere.

This is also one of our FAQs:

Charly: I removed your "black" idea. Yon: check your inbox in a minute ;)

Cheers! - Dora

UPDATE: Hey guys, here's some more news from UNICEFs side!

Seeing your submissions so far, they are now actually open and interested in seeing designs that DO INCLUDE DATES as well - which means you are now welcome to use "2016" in your new years greetings too! (this will be changed in the Brief accordingly)

Thanks and keep up the great work!

2016 or 2017? Most people buy the card for coming new year. But, if client choose & make decision in next January, selling 2016 for the year 2017? It feel kind of weird, right?

Hi there! Well, that's the information I got so far, but yes I will double check! Thanks

Your are so right! "Thank you so much for the hint!" Good that your sharp mind noticed this so quick so we can make a change within 24 hours. I blame the heat ;) 2017 it is absolutely! I will announce this asap!!

Dora, in which format (jpg / pxd ...) to upload files? may i download several cards?

Hey there :) welcome to jovoto!

The info you need is all to be found in the Upload Form (when you click on "Submit Idea") : "Image formats: PNG, PDF, JPG and GIF. PNG guarantees best quality. (Maximum size: 20MB) / Image sizes: Images should be uploaded at a minimum of 1000x1000px "

The number of submission differs in each project. Here you can submit max. 10 ideas.

Looking forward to see your designs, Best, Dora

IMPORTANT CORRECTION The date posted yesterday was wrong: UNICEF meant to ask you for designs with 2017 and NOT 2016. Really sorry for those who have already implemented this in their concepts - I will get in touch with those in a private message! Best, Dora

...that means we must put "2017" in our designs?

I also had this doubt. I have seen several cards with the year "2017".

Hi there,

You don't have to include it! It is optional of course :) But if you want a new years card with a date, it should be 2017! Thanks!

Only five more days to go - how exciting! And the great news is: you have already uploaded more ideas than in any UNICEF project ever before :) Thanks a lot to each and every one of you for your participation and please keep the deadline of 20th July in mind!

I must have gotten cross- eyed .... JULY 20th! Changing it NOW! 4 MORE DAYS TO GO ;)

Guys, you have uploaded almost 400 ideas by now! This is truly amazing, Unicef record broken by far :)

Monday will be the last chance to add to this, please think about the finishing touches over the weekend : Maybe read the client's halftime feedback again and just make sure everything you have worked on get's on the platform by July 20th 16:59 (UTC+0200)!

Thanks a lot, Yours, - Dora

IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN 466 (!) ideas online and just over 4,5 hours left to go! You guys are doing so well, keep them coming :) T-h-a-n-k-s

And so the rating begins!!! Hope everyone gives FAIR ratings and best of luck to everyone :)

Done & ready! GoGOGo!:))

Ahhh & GOOD LUCK to you & all the other designers!!!:)

over 5 years ago

Awesome cards! Good luck to everyone! :)

The submission period is now over and with 500+ designs it was an amazing ride with all of you! Thanks for joining in, I really enjoyed your wonderful (or as skybre said it very well: awesome) designs a LOT and hope you did each others too!

To show how much I appreciate your works, I will take the next 6 days and 19 hours to make sure I have left my stars under each idea - and you should do the same!

Let's determine the community ranking in the next days together - so far there have been 8885 ratings left. I will keep you updated!

Thank You!

Yours, Dora

Hi Dora, I was trying to leave stars under every entry as well, when I got a notice on my profile that my ratings are under review and as of now, not included in total count. Can you please help me here. What did I do wrong to trigger that? I checked under fair rating, and I am giving a 'very differentiated' score too.

Hi there! I will look into this as send you a pm :) Thanks

Thanks Dora. really appreciate it :)

Hello Dora Does a design stand a chance when it's not in the top 100?

Hi there Yon, The Client always chooses the ideas they would like to license from the whole pool - regardless the Community Ranking. All designs have equal chances to be licensed.

Hi Dora, when does the client declare their decision? Same day as the voting closes??

Thanks Dora It's all new to me and there are so many beautiful designs! Really great but it must be difficult to choose. Good luck with the your stars ;-)

I agree - there's once again MANY many WONDERFUL designs in here!

Hello platform. I have a question for the project guide. Why these profiles are supporting all ideas of (gusmonk) if they don't hold any participation on this platform?. it's weird.

Hi there Audrey. What exactly is your question to me? :)

If you wish to learn more about the rating system on jovoto, here's an FAQ that I think you might find useful:

Let me know if I can help you with anything further! Cheers, Dora

Such a crazy rollercoaster!

Dear All,

today is your last chance to vote on the ideas in this project and determine the Community Winners. In just over 6 hours the rating period will be over. So go on and use the last minutes :)

Also: good news for adrenaline junkies ;) Expect a big rollercoaster ride today due to both the last ratings coming in as well as hardcore rating monitoring taking place today. Remember to be f-a-i-r!

Thanks a lot! D.

Btw in Germany you have such a pleasant rollercoaster park - Europa Park! If you haven`t been there I suggest you to go and enjoy! ^_^

Hi Dora, when does the client declare their decision? Same day as the voting closes??

Hey there! Clients usually have a 6 month period to make a decision, which ideas they wish to go with.

In this special project, we have a note in the Brief that says: "Important: UNICEF will choose the Client's Choice Winners not earlier than mid-January 2016. " (you find it under"Deliverables")

So there you go, that's the correct answer to this one :)

Great! Good to know :) just so exciting to wait for the results today.. So many great cards out there, so am sure the suspense must be killing everybody out there! Have fun today ! :)

Hi Dora, This message has appeared on my profile. I don't understand. "This community member´s ratings are under review and are currently not factored into the overall rating score On jovoto we want to enable the community itself to vote and choose the winners. We do rating monitoring to support fairness within this process. If you want to learn more about fair rating on jovoto have a look here."

This (banner on your profile) happened because your rating behavior wasn't in balance…Here you'll find more information about:

Thanks ruflair, but I'm worried, because for not having understood this part, I will be disqualified from the contest.

Or I will have chance not to be the client's choice.

Hi there Claudia! I can have a look at your ratings and send you a pm about this.

Your ratings will not disqualify you from any project as a participant and also won't influence the Clients decision either. So don't worry about that.

Thank you Dora, for his feedback.:)

Great and lovely contest!!!! Good luck for everybody!!!! =)

YAY We have the community winners!

Thanks again to everyone who participated, it's been a great project with sooo many nice ideas, it's a pleasure for the eyes to look trough them.

And here they are, your community top 5:

On nr.1 we have "Wrap yourself by the winter." by Maria! Great job! Following on rank nr.2, the wonderful "Aurora" by Gus On the 3rd place we have "The kids tree" by Brenda! Special congrats for your first amazing win with your first ever jovoto submission :) Fantastic! "WInter Wonderland" by Kakel landed on nr.4, while "TOYZ" by VectorSense took the 5th place - a first win for you too, huge congrats!

And all the others deserve a huge round of applause too! Well done guys :)

They are great works!! Congrats all of you!!

Congratulations guys for your great works!! ヅ

congrats to everyone!

BRAVO to the winners ~ and UNICEF. xo

Congratz, Guys!!! Well done!!!

Thanks a lot to all Jovotans, it was a beautiful contest full of AWESOME cards, Huge congrats to all community winners and good luck everyone with Client's Choice Awards, God bless :))

Congrats to all!!! :)

Big congrats to all winners! great job :) :) :)

Congrats!! Really good.

Hi Dora, what about the Client`s choice :)

UNICEF will choose the Client's Choice Winners not earlier than mid-January 2016. By uploading your idea you confirm that

Hello Dora Has Unicef already decided wich designs they will ad to their new collection?

Hey! I can check that if there's any news on this. Thanks

YES they have! I will make an announcement - thanks for checking with us. Next time we will be faster then you can ask - promised ;)

Ladies and gentlemen, I have news for you!

I am happy to announce that UNICEF has picked theirs favouites! And not just that, but instead of 10 they decided to go with 20 ideas - from 16 different creatives.

WOW! Congrats to all anonymous - any details we can only reveal once all contracts are set and it's all official. The winners have been contacted.

Congrats to all :) Not me this year :)

Hey there,

I'm to happy to announce that the 20 UNICEF ideas from 16 different creatives have been marked. Check out the all the winners! Congratulations :)

All the best, Jess

Big big Congrats to all the winners!! See you next year! :)

Nice collection! Huge congrats! :)

Cool! Big congratulations to all winners and double winners! Well done :)

Congrats!!!! Good works here =D

almost 5 years ago

Yeah.!Great choices Unicef! Congrats to all the winners! :))

Dear Creatives,

Sometimes we have unexpected surprises :) This project was completed 3 years ago and Unicef decided to license an additional submission to their New Year greeting cards.

Congratulations to MayaLuna for The world's heart submission.

Have a great weekend, Shir

Thank you very much! :D