Brightly Bowed Baubles
A wonderfully simple and happy way to send cheer to all!


The 'Brightly Bowed Bauble' design is simple with the playful contrast of brush marks and fine lines. Colourway 1 :Red/Green has been designed specifically for xmas Colourway 2: Turquoise/Chartreuse, which could be used for xmas as well as any other celebratory occasion. To add more depth it would be nice for the finer lines to be raised with a slight sheen/gloss.

What story does your card design tell?

To bring cheer to colleagues, friends and loved ones you need nothing more than a simple something to bring cheer into their lives, whatever time of the year that may be. I am one who likes to keep things pure, uncomplicated and nonmaterialistic which I believe is what we should always be celebrating at xmas, a new year and other times of the year. Health and happiness is all that matters!

Is your card for business or private use? Or both?

Both for business and private use.

Is the design 100% created by you or is there anything we should know about any third party material used?

100% created by me.

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