"trucks loads of presents" fifth card from 5card edition "back for holliday
coming back home for some festive peace , made in classic embroidery style evokes urban retro style


embroidery style "back home for holidays" card gives you retro but urban view of traditional greeting card, warm in colours and in slight "hand made" style complies well with romantic setting wished for end of year celebrations, i would suggest that this sample is printed on textured or canvas paper to emphasise hand made quality of the design

What story does your card design tell?

home is a place where we all feel warm and taken care of and trucks full of presents to unload are wished for as part of new years celebration, loving feelings for holidays

Is your card for business or private use? Or both?

this card could be used for business and private purposes since the idea promoted ; idea of well being and festive peace, could be presented to family members as well as business partners, universal way of presentation -presents for holidays - helps to send clear jet understated message without being overly cartoonish

Is the design 100% created by you or is there anything we should know about any third party material used?

this card was entirely embroidered and digitally manipulated by me, no third party was included in process

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