Magical Future
Kids world is always different from the adults', even during times of celebration.


No matter what situation are children in, they will always have a little bit more magic and fantasy in their hearts than mature individuals. In the greeting card I designed, the children find themselves in a journey on train tracks towards 2018 viewed through their own world, looking out of the window. It also states the fact that children are the ones that will always reach a further future than anybody, so they will be the ones sostaining the planet.

Which theme did you chose for your card design?

I have chosen the abstract theme.

Does your card design appeal both to private and corporate users?

I used a simple pattern of colors (blue/white/read), so in my opinion, I think it could appeal to both.

Are all parts of the design 100% your original work or did you use any stock or third party material? If yes, please link all stock, fonts and Creative Commons material here:

all the parts of the design are 100% mine

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