Let's remember our childhood!
Have you also was draw in your childhood congratulations for your family and friends?


Almost all people around the world celebrate Christmas and New Year. These are the two most family holidays. Practically each of us has warm kind children's memories of these holidays. And very many of us in our childhood ourselves created and painted holiday cards for relatives and friends! Is not it? :-) Let's remember our childhood! This design is made in such a style, as if a small child himself painted with a colored pencils a greeting card for his relatives Then carefully glued the applique, cut from the foil from the candy wrapper. And then with a ballpoint pen he wrote a congratulation, a little obliquely and crookedly, but with all my heart! Alternative version: Children often draw at their exercise books. And any child could also draw such a postcard in exercise book!

Which theme did you chose for your card design?

Christmas - a family holiday, a holiday of childhood

Does your card design appeal both to private and corporate users? If not, which of the two target groups is your design made for?

This postcard is very suitable for congratulating relatives and friends, especially for parents from already grown-up children, who want to remind about family holidays of their childhoodAlso, the design is suitable for cheerful congratulations of colleagues - a little carefree childhood in any company or corporation in these holidays will not hurt!

Did you use any stock or third party material? Please list all stock, fonts, and creative commons material!

All the design I drew by hand, using the Adobe Illustrator effects. Only in the text used some elements of one of the non-commercial fonts.

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