Giftbox postcard
The Christmas card, that looks like a giftbox which is cut out of paper with 3D effect.


In our ever-running world - especially at Christmastime - the post cards are valuable gestures which shows that whoever wrote it, they were thinking of us when they wrote it and mailed to us.

These moments are really precious, so I believe that postcards are valuable gifts on their own. That's why I decided to design my postcard like a giftbox.

On the postcard I leave a blank section (like a giftcard) to which a personal message can be written.

Which theme did you chose for your card design?

Colourfulness and cheer, Festivity

Does your card design appeal both target groups?

I believe that my design is appeal both target groups, because it is kind and cheerful but not too childish.

Did you use any stock or third party material?

I did not use any third party material.