Cheerful Golden / Silver Baubles - VERSION 2
Greeting cards with golden & silver accents


Minimalistic linear greeting card with golden or silver accents, festive decorations and our planet represented as a decorative bauble, while it's gently snowing in the background.

The initial idea was a globe in the decorative bauble, but as the feedback was to adjust it for a "personal" target group, a few more versions were made along this warm, cute style. This would be a version 2, with an angel and smiling kids making a snowman :)

Which theme did you chose for your card design?

Warmth and cheerfulness

Does your card design appeal both target groups?

Yes, to me it does appeal both target groups, but after the updates it could be more appropriate for a "personal".

Did you use any stock or third party material?

No, I haven't used any stock or third party material.