Winter magic
Winter is a season that sparkles with magic


‘Winter is a season that sparkles with magic and transforms our ordinary world into a glittering kingdom: rooftops covered in snow, lakes glazed with ice and windows frosted white. It is a time of year that invites exploration and whispers of adventure. And at the heart of it all there is a sense of longing – for snowflakes, stockings and sledging, of course – but also, for stories.’ – Abi Elphinstone

Which theme did you chose for your card design?

Winter cityscape We showed the magic of the holidays. The time when euphoria rules and regardless of the cold weather, all are in a good mood. Sleighing , snowball playing and singing songs next to New Year's tree makes you love Holidays more.

Does your card design appeal both target groups?

Yes, it appeals to both target groups. It is the simple lines that look stylish and professional from one side, but on another, the whole scene depicts a joyous Christmas, an picture that symbolizes family values. In that way it speaks both to companies and individuals.

Did you use any stock or third party material?

No. All the drawings and individual elements are drawn by us.