True Light 2.0
Campaign idea »LIGHTPAINTING« – use your True Light against corruption


The lightpainting is a simple long exposure of a photograph. Lightpaintings can create alone or as a group. Each group member gets a flashlight with which it draws certain letters and/or shapes in the air. Each team member is important for the perfect final work of art. Want to make an impact? Everybody can help to bring corruption into the light. Help to unmask the corrupt. Make your own Lightpainting campaign image or video and share it with your friends via social media.

Did you vote on

Not yet. But I will :)

What’s the best thing about the Unmask the Corrupt campaign?

The infos and description about the corrupt people and institutions and the possibility to do something against that. TOGETHER. We need many people all around the world to put the things into its true light.

What do you think could be better?

I will think about that :)

What inspired you to participate?

I want to do something good for other people. I want to help with my creativity.

Does your idea specificly target one of the cases from

The idea is from me. And the effects are made with free photoshop actions. The gallery images and description images are from google research. But this images are only to explain my idea and the way how it works. The videos are from

How does your campaign idea work step by step?

  • Make a video or an image with lightpainting
  • share it on social media and tell people to also do lightpaitings and share it with friends
  • Save a date for a big FLASHmob and for that you can also use a big projection on a high building. People should bring a flashlight with them or you can also give them a flashlight with your logo printed on
  • The result of all should be, that as much as people will put a light on the corrupt. With this action people will unmask the corrupt visible.

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

You only have to make the first video or image to encourage people to do it also. They will try to do the best and creative videos or image lightpaintings. Maybe you can use your Homepage and make a gallery with all art works.

Is the design 100% created by you or is there anything we should know about any third party material used?

This is only a concept of my idea. The images I used are only to show the client how it works. Maybe I will find a little time to do my own lightpainting image or video :)