A transparent briefcase full of money as a symbol of corruption is placed at frequented locations.


In this guerilla campaign, a transparent briefcase full of forged money will be placed at highly frequented locations such as airport terminals. While money itself is associated with power, its placement in a briefcase leads one to assume that the 'owner' did not come by the money legally (smuggling). Thus, it symbolizes greed and corruption. The location ensures that the campaign will be noticed by a wide, international audience. The hashtag #timeforjustice supports spreading via social media.

Did you vote on unmaskthecorrupt.org?

Yes. Reading about those nominated was an unpleasant and incredibly frustrating task, which took me quite some time. I am a cautious supporter of charity and aid organizations, well aware that there are black sheep with hidden agenda/ who do not forward a fair portion of donations to those in need. Still, I do support the general principle of charity organizations. Therefore, I find those who shamelessly exploit a social aid organization for their own gain infuriating.

What’s the best thing about the Unmask the Corrupt campaign?

In the course of globalization, national borders become blurred and money flows become easier and more impenetrable by the day. Corruption seems to be on the rise, but to a large extent never reaches international news reports. TI's Unmask the Corrupt campaign calls attention not only to the famous corrupt such as the FIFA officials, but also to the lesser known of the blameworthy.

What do you think could be better?

The corrupt seem far away as long as they do not affect our lives directly - or at least we do not notice. TI has to address its audience (us all) on a more personal level in order to prove that corruption does affect regular people. Seeing posters among hundreds of other posters does not arouse much interest - seeing a briefcase full of money sure will.

What inspired you to participate?

The cause.

Does your idea specificly target one of the cases from unmaskthecorrupt.org?

No. The idea targets corrupt ones who enrich themselves at the expense of regular people.

How does your campaign idea work step by step?

A transparent briefcase full of forged money is placed at various highly frequented sites such as airport terminals. Standup displays or/and labelling on the briefcase itself indicates the cause. The hashtag #timeforjustice ensures spreading via social media. A QR code could be used to transfer the web link of TI's webpage to mobile phones.

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

Transparent briefcases, forged banknotes, posters, stickers, presence on social media.

Is the design 100% created by you or is there anything we should know about any third party material used?

Adjusted 3D model of briefcase by The Pixel Lab; airport photo retrieved from: http://www.ufarevue.ch/deu/wow-bkt-empfang-in-hannover_768266.shtml ; smartphone mockup retrieved from: http://freebiesbug.com/psd-freebies/iphone-6-mockup-free-psd/