The whole world against corruption
People from every country in the world should be reached to participate.


People from all over the world are asked to send per mail a red card (which could be downloaded on the TI page) to FIFA and ask their friends to do the same. Principally it should work like a chain letter. On the card would be on one side the text "STOP" on the other people could write corruption in their own language. People could film themselves while putting the letter in the mailbox or post a photo. There would be a mapping from which countries there has allready been sent red cards to FIFA.

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  1. Somebody will send the first red card to FIFA, post a photo or upload a video on youtube. She/he will nominate via social media (facebook, whatsapp, instagram..there could be a "letter" to do that) friends to do the same. 2. There will be more and more participants. It is important to reach as many countries (there are about 200 and much more languages) as possible so that the FIFA gets mail from all over the world.

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100 % by us. Map as an example: