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Short description:
Grand corruption kills and produces many victims that today are not protected by law. This has to change. Transparency International is asking you to help to amplify their Unmask the Corrupt campaign and to shed light on the abuse of high-level power by politicians and business people.

On unmaskthecorrupt.org, anyone can vote for the case that symbolises grand corruption, and jovoto’s creatives are being asked to help a) bring attention to the Unmask the Corrupt campaign by creating a public action strategy to reach out to a worldwide audience, and b) to encourage and mobilise others to participate in the global fight against grand corruption.

Your task:
Design a powerful campaign idea to raise awareness about the person or institution (from TI's Unmask the Corrupt campaign) that you think symbolises grand corruption.

Your chance:
Not only can you help design a public action campaign to help Transparency International to shed light on grand corruption through their Unmask the Corrupt campaign, but also you can help educate others on how grand corruption affects each and every one of us.

Let’s join together to mobilise people everywhere to stop the corrupt from getting away with it.

Awarded ideas