Upcycle the Bridge

Upcycle the old Danube bridge in Linz.

€10,000prize pool

Upcycle the old Danube bridge in Linz.


With a population of 198,000, Linz is the third largest city in Austria. A long-time industrial hub with international importance, the city also plays host to world-renowned events like the ARS Electronica. In 1897 Linz had a railway bridge constructed, which still spans Europe’s second-longest river and one with great significance, the Danube. After close to 120 years, the bridge can no longer accommodate the needs of the city, and is now at the end of its technical life span. In order to further develop the city, together with the public utilities and service provider company LINZ AG, the city of Linz is planning to build a more modern bridge in its place.
The new bridge concept will ensure that Linz can continue to adapt to the future of transportation as it evolves and will benefit all of the city’s transport users (including pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers, and public transport). The new bridge construction will accelerate the construction for a brand new tram line and bring new development to the city’s east side.

With plans still not final, there has been some opposition in Linz to the building of the new bridge. The alternative to the new bridge plans, would be to preserve the old railway bridge and build an additional bridge running parallel to the old one.

On September 27th the people of Linz will decide in a public poll whether a new bridge will replace the old one or a two-bridge solution will be implemented. If the construction of a new bridge is approved, there lies the opportunity to upcycle parts of the old bridge in a public space for the city of Linz. This is a chance for those living in Linz, who are in opposition to the bridge reconstruction project, to remain connected to their old bridge.

This public open innovation project is aimed at architects, engineers, designers and artists from Linz, Austria as well as the rest of the world. This is your opportunity to upcycle the bridge in an innovative and creative way, and to present your concept to the public.

The aim is to show that an alternative use is not only possible, but also represents a valuable gain for the city of Linz.
As a leading online platform for public creative contests, jovoto is delighted to support this process and welcomes the people of Linz to a project with new inspiration and constructive discussions.


To preserve the aesthetic value of the old Linz railway bridge.

Task Definition

Create an innovative concept to upcycle elements of the old bridge in Linz. You may choose from three public spaces where the re-used parts of the bridge can be installed:

a. The Donaulände public park
b. The Linz port area
c. The mouth of the Traun river

The elements of the old railway bridge should be central to your urban development concept. It’s up to you whether you work with individual parts or with entire bridge sections, as long as your design pays respect to the original bridge construction. The end-product should benefit the people of Linz - whether it be a sculpture, a playground, an urban garden – the sky is the limit.

Target Group

  • The people of Linz
  • Visitors to Linz
  • Decision makers from the City of Linz
  • The international community of architects and urban developers


  • Inspiring
  • Bold  

Mandatory requirements

  •  Elements from the old bridge should remain visible, to pay respect to the old bridge.  
  • Your concept should be inspiring for the people of Linz.
  • Keep your visual material easy to understand and accessible to the general public. 

Required File Format

In case your idea is chosen by the client to be presented in an exhibition, this is the file format you will need to supply:

  • PDF in high resolution (300 dpi)

Useful Links

Linz on wikipedia
Website of Linz AG
Website of the City of Linz
Background on the old bridge (only in German)

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.

Project terms

For this project, special  project terms  apply.

Halftime Feedback

Hello creatives,

In the name of the Jury that had their first meeting yesterday I want to thank you all for the very wide range of excellent proposals you submitted so far. The Jury is very happy about the active discussions and the impressive amount of ideas; 41 proposals even though we are in August is fantastic!

We have identified 4 basic categories among the proposals:

  • Landmark/sculpture projects
  • Architectural buildings (with one or several public functions)
  • Architectural projects (with a more urban approach)
  • Urban proposals
  • and even one open discussion about the whole idea of the contest.

Here are a few aspects the jury would like to see fortified:
1. Stay simple with your program and your architecture, not 10 buildings but one, not ten functions but one strong and clear one.
2. Design with simplicity, the client would like the idea of up cycling the bridge and memorizing it to be simple and immediate.
3. Keep in mind that the bridge is in a bad state, it’s rusting and falling apart, this is why it would be very hard to renovate it for its old function. The old structure can carry itself, any extra weight will need additional new structure, which again would make your project more expensive ands less feasible.
4. To give the old bridge a new function at its existing location is not an option; the goal of the contest is to explore how the old bridge can be up cycled if the new bridge is built (The new bridge construction will accelerate the construction for a brand new tram line and bring new development to the city’s east side).
5. Choose one of the three predefined areas for your project; please refer to your choice architecturally, in your sketches and drawing as well as in your texts.

Here’s some additional information to give you a better feeling and understanding for the 3 locations:

Donaulände (The Donaulände public park)
Today, the Donaulände Linz Urfahr is mostly used as a recreational space (runners, walking (with dogs), etc.). However, there is a debate in Linz how to make a better use of the areas around the Danube. Your up cycling project could make the Donaulände even more exciting to the people of Linz.

Hafengelände LINZ AG (The Linz port area)
The Port of Linz is the largest inland port on the upper Danube, and an important international and regional economic center. In the next years a massive adaption of the LINZ AG Hafengelände takes place including further business development and use of buildings for arts purposes. You have the possibility to develop ideas for up cycling the bridge in a section of the harbor that is not yet part of the adaption plan. You can develop an idea that engages in a dialogue between land and the river Danube.

Traunmündung (The Mouth of the Traun River)
The VÖST (steel producer) planned a bridge from their existing site to the Weikerlsee across the river in order to dispose waste material. This plan was dropped after an intervention of the Federal Nature Conservation. What are left from this project are the massive pillars of a never-completed bridge over the Traun River. Today this is a recreational area nearby a river with a lot of bikers and hikers. An intervention at this location could draw attention to this hidden gem in Linz.

I will be here for all your questions in the second half of this exciting project. For any technical questions concerning the Jovoto platform please write directly to OlofEkman.

Continue the good work and c u on line.


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Hello Creators, As an active creator in the field of up cycling I’m very excited about this contest. After close to 120 years the old railway bridge is at the end of its technical life span. The City of Linz and the LINZ AG are planning to build a more modern bridge in its place. However, opinion is divided about whether this piece of history should simply be demolished or kept as a separate bridge. If the citizens of Linz will vote in favor of keeping the old bridge the question will be HOW. Your creativity will be tested for this HOW, how will you embody the memory of this old bridge? Will you up cycle pieces of the old bridge? In what way will you reuse it? I hope you will find the most creative and convincing concepts to recycle the bridge in one of the 3 public locations. Feel free to be inventive both conceptually and visually and keep in mind the community of LINZ and the essence of the bridge. I’m here for any questions, Let’s us all start in the spirit of honest and friendly online collaboration. Talva D.

Great Contest. I am still living here in Linz and got lots of memories with this old bridge (if someone needs informations ;-) . I got one question.....If another one got (for example) an idea for usage as playground is it alowed to reuse the functional element but being different in design? Would be great to know to prevent problems. :-)

If someone needs feedback. Just ask me. :-)

The design and the conception are in question, and must be original. The function can be multiplied, as there are different ways to design the same function.

Thanks Talva for your information. :-)

Dear Jovotos, A few background details and links, unfortunately in German only, try Google translation if needed. A creative got in touch with us to point out that the old bridge is in a bad condition. This condition is also one of the reasons that it is not under monument protection anymore. A renovation of the bridge would be very expensive; in addition, there are doubts how sustainable such a renovation would be. Keeping the old bridge and building a new bridge next to it is not only more expensive, it also causes aesthetical issues and is not a good traffic solution. For those interested into more background information, see http://www.linz.at/leben/eisenbahnbruecke.asp. However, these issues are also currently controversially discussed in Linz. I think we could add to the useful links: http://www.linz.at/leben/eisenbahnbruecke.asp (Background on the old bridge) The plans of the new bridge can be accessed here: http://www.linz.at/presse/2014/201409_75477.asp Good luck

I did a small research of whats going on in Linz (sorry but in german)

The new bridge: http://www.bruecke-fuer-linz.at/

The historical details of the old bridge: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linzer_Eisenbahnbr%C3%BCcke

An Article about the bridge: http://www.gasthaus-lindbauer.at/files/eisenbahnbruecke.pdf

I also add some sightseeing points in Linz as side information and research help for your concepts (and hints what cool stuff is missing in Linz). :-)

The Ars Electronica Center nearby danube river: http://www.aec.at/news/ https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ars_Electronica

The Lentos Museum of Arts: http://www.lentos.at/html/de/index.aspx https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lentos_Kunstmuseum_Linz

The Schlossmuseum: http://www.landesmuseum.at/schlossmuseum/ https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linzer_Schloss#Schlossmuseum

A fantastic art installation nearby the shopping Street Landstraße where you can walk over the rooftops of Linz. It's placed on one of our modern art's museum. http://www.hoehenrausch.at/ https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offenes_Kulturhaus_Ober%C3%B6sterreich

A museum about steel and steel manifacturing because Linz is a steel producing City: http://www.voestalpine.com/stahlwelt/Stahl-erleben/Architektur

if you want I try to add frequently more informations. :-)

Thank you very much for sharing this information

Maybe also Interesting ... some Informations and Impressions about the Danube and Linz (with activities) http://www.linz.at/presse/6588.asp :-)

It would be great to have some Landscape-Plans with measurments of the 3 areas that should be used - Or exact GOOGLE-MAPS or GOOGLE-EARTH locations. Thank you.

here is what I answered Mocki in relations to his proposal scale, The proposal has to have a certain scale in relation in to its function. However I agree it has to be coordinated with the logic of its location. I will see what I can do about having plans to the sites. In the meantime check Google map. Thank you for the Google map coordinates, great help.

Looking for a function is a beginning and creates the very first frame to your proposals, which should essentially be about up cycling the old bridge and preserving its memory. I propose you all to check architectural and urban projects that deal with Memory and renovation. Such as for example the Twin tower project, though it is much more charged as a project it can give an example. Or else renovation projects, in old cities, in war zones, as the Berlin wall, old city of Jerusalem wall and new entrance to the city, Beirut renovation projects, Boston along the water front…. the list is long, use the web.

How many ideas can we summit?

Hi there, It does vary from project to project, but to be specific for this project you can submit up to 10 ideas. This information can be found in the idea upload page.

Thanks, Jess. I though so, but as I would like to invite someone, I wanted to check before.

Hi Talva! Who is organizer of this contest? Do You can give us some CAD files or drawings of old bridge?

Have a nice weekend!

Organizer and sponsore of the contest is LINZ AG who owns the bridge. Who supports citizen platform in favor of the new bridge but promotes the idea of upcycling the old bridge.

There are blueprints of the old bridge in the download materials in the briefing. I do not think there are newer digital files. Will find out.

about 5 years ago

Hey TalvaDesign! Is it ok to place my "marina" to Winterhafen?

I don't know but I think the Winterhafen is not a porperty of Linz AG. (There the danube also is realy strait to place the bridge parts. I know because it Is one of my running tracks. I think It will be more present on one of the other 3 locations but this is only my personal oppinion) :-)

Proposal should be at one of three locations given, never the less I forward the question, bit more patience please:)

Hi skybre, Let me investigate and I'll get back to you! Best, Jess

Hi skybre, As Talva mentioned your proposal should be in one of the three locations given in the briefing. All the best, Jess

If someone need's more images of the bridge, details etc..... (I did a Project for my studies where I photographed this danube bridge) please add a comment that I know this could be relevant. :-)

This could be a relevant information for all planning something on LOCATION 3 There could be cargo freighter traffic in this area and ships getting there from danube to the harbor area. I think for projects across the Traun river it is relevant to plan enough height for the ships. Also plan enough space under the bridge (no columns in the middle, etc.) for this ship traffic.

Here is the location of the port where these ships deploy/load their cargo: https://www.google.at/maps/place/48%C...

As short help where location 3 is situated: https://www.google.at/maps/place/48%C...

I know. but the Traffic map only show actual ship traffic. Pls check location 3 by following the traun. There you find a harbor for cargo. ;-)

a relevant point is also, they need much more space to navigate theyr ships especialy against the stream.

about 5 years ago

help me to understand meaning of this competition!If you build totally new building, why to use shape of the old bridge? I think you can t use old structures if you add glass elements. I think is not ecological way to built. Just my opinion

I think it's a personal decission if someone want's to use the old shape or not. It only depends on the feasibility of every construction.

about 5 years ago

of course it is but I think it should have some kind of relation with architecture and structures. If you build totally new building you should count some thickness of structures and make it more ecological way. I would like to hear also some opinions from some architects what they think about this!

Hi skybre, Interesting thoughts and discussion.

The decision of up cycling is conceptual before being technical. This contest is about embodying the memory of the old bridge, as it is no longer in the conditions necessarily for its function, yet too expensive to be fully renovated. I think this information is clear from the brief. The way you choose to embody that memory could be by up cycling fragments from the old bridge but is not limited to that. If you follow my earlier comments I have given a few links and examples of renovation projects around the world that could inspire. Using old up cycled fragments is technically possible and might be of interest for architectural, urban, intellectual, historical, sustainability or visual reasons. The main issue is usually the costs of such operation. I think your concept is premature to questions the engineering feasibility; yet you could give a more develop idea of how you intend to build the 2 buildings on the 2 sides of the river. Give us more materials to be able to help you. Don’t give up!

about 5 years ago

but you think that wasting millions just to built new building that remind of old bridge make sense compere to repair old bridge?

Hi skybre this may help you to understand the question of "Memory and Place" . There are many books on this matter.

about 5 years ago

I should read it thx! ..I just think people don t understand here that it is a meaning why the bridge looks like this

Nice link bankok, thanx Up cycling the bridge allows both a new development and keeping the memory of the old bridge. But your question skbre, whether it is all worthwhile is a legitimate question. In the context of this competition we assume that it is worthwhile keeping the bridge memory, and that maintaining and fully renovating the old bridge is an expensive option.

This was a comment both for your proposal page and the comments in the brief, all in one.

Is anyone using the bridge at the moment? Would it be possible to leave cars outside at the future, or just 1 narrow car way for emergency cases?

Yes. At the momement is is an essencial part of traffic here in Linz used by pedestrians, cars, busses and bikes. There is no train traffic for years. Here is some info about the planned new one: http://www.linz.at/presse/2014/201409_75477.asp

Hi @all!! I got a Link for usage in this contest only. It contents a ziped file with images of this old danube bridge from different locations and detail shots. I needed them for my studies.


Feel free to use them as information about the bridge and pictures for your slides here.

Thank you Mika, very kind to share it with us all:)

I love to help. :-) If some more or other pictures are necessary please ask me I try to take some for you all. :-)

If it is possible - Could you take some images from the DONAU with view to the places - May be you should rent a boat - and may be panorama shots or at least wide screen very high resolution -Just charge the costs to jovoto.................. ;-)

You mean the 3 Locations. Hmmm, I try to get there in the next days when I got time left. Location 1 is easy to reach. Location 2 could cause problems because the area around is a forbidden area (heavy industry) but could be possible from the other side of the river. Location 3 as hard to reach.

Dear Talva, I saw the pictures illustrating bad condition of the old bridge, you've given us. Maybe it was on the web-site of new bridge. I can't find this information again. :( Could you please help me and give a sign, where it is. Thanks a lot!

Sorry for the delay, please write directly to OlofEkman.

@skybre "but you think that wasting millions just to built new building ..." repering wil cost 98 milions of euro and this is per one part ! you can find many documentaries on youtube. https://youtu.be/-Qv4eZQTABY?t=2m45s

so it means new bridge could cost 300 millions? Am I right?

Can we assume that the three main sections of the bridge can still span from end-to-end and be used for pedestrians only in another location? Or is the condition of the bridge such that it's re-use as a bridge is not feasible?

There are different opinnions in local news. Some say it can be restored cheaper than the new one. Some say it is more expensive than building up a new one.

One point is definitely clear. The city needs a bridge there because it is a traffic hot spot.

The bridge is in a bad state, it can be renovated, but in very high costs. It can’t be kept in its place, as a new bridge should be taken its place. It could be intellectually moved though it is not very likely, for the same feasibility reasons. As for this competition, the client will prefer to see segments being up-cycled rather than the whole bridge.

"segments" in a free definition :) could be a whole main section

@svpribyl you can check out my images of this bridge. There are some detail shots where you can see the structure itself and become an overview of the state. I added a comment with the link a little bit up but I add it for you here...


Thanks, mikaR. Your photos are excellent. They also show the very lightweight nature of the bridge and encourage me to bring up another point: Most of the entries (mine included) have simplified the representation of the bridge due to the difficulties of modeling all the detail. This gives a false sense of the strength of the bridge. Trusses are designed to span from one point to another. Some truss members are in compression and some are in tension. One cannot simply stand the truss on end or flip it upside down and expect it to support itself, much less additional weight. While some of the entries show very romantic and idealistic proposals, very few of them are actually workable. I have a concern that entries that are the best "eye-candy" are garnishing much support based solely on their visual impact and not based on actual feasibility. At least one of the most outrageous proposals is by an architect, who should know better.

In previous "architectural" competitions on Jovoto, submissions have been ranked very highly by people who have little knowledge about architecture, structure, strength of materials, and compliance with programmatic requirements. With regard to commenting on the projects: It's difficult to be supportive and to help with the development (the crowd-supported design aspect) of a project whose initial concept is so flawed. Members are reluctant to speak the obvious in many cases, because of the emphasis that the site has placed on being "helpful". It's the old adage: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". I would like to see the Jovoto Guides take a stronger role in this. I also suggest that, in the future, at least half of the awards in these projects that require extensive knowledge about a field (in this case, architecture) should be determined by the jury.

I agree everything with svpribyl! ;)

Your concern is being listened to, especially as it being communicated respectfully. As you wrote yourself, the platform has its limits. In order to gain opening and fluidity a very positive yet critical guidance has to be assumed. A too offensive and critical atmosphere might gain in professionalism but might block semi professional minds, and even good architects might be troubled expositing unfinished ideas on line in a too critical environment. Balance is delicate as you say, and might allow some unprofessional ideas to exist. From my experience, the good ideas are seen and studied by the jury with the help of Jovoto professionals. As for your suggestion regarding more jury awards, I will pass it on. Best,

Interesting discussion here guys. You have a good point svpribyl! And so do Talva! :) In this challenge the client wanted to invite the public into the discussion and brainstorm (crowdstorm as we call it!), and therefore it's was left very open in regards of limitations etc. The main focus in this challenge is to get a lot of different perspectives and ideas. And that's the reason we run an open Crowdstrom in this case. When the main goal is to get more specialised ideas, we usually run a private Crowdstorm (jovoto.Private) and invite the professionals within that field. You can have a look on our product page to get a better understanding: http://www.jovoto.com/clients/product

Btw, have you seen that there is a special prize for the best feedback svpribyl? With your knowledge I think your feedback could be super valuable to many creatives, plus it could help the ideas become more feasible! (Rear more about the 'Feedback Award' here: http://www.jovoto.com/faq/basics#what-are-all-the-different-prizes-i-can-win)

All the best,


"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". you were so right.!!If you say something here you are so out :(

Hi! One information for your plannings. The 3 loactions sometimes could get flooded with wather. Here is a short clip what was going on in the past to get an overview for your plannings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgZkfrl7CO0

Yep, a strong rope and floaties also can be useful. ;-)

OMG !!!! Thanks so much !!! It'a very useful info, Michael!!!!

Talva and Olof, thank you for your responses and the information you provided. You explained some of the thought process about how and why this project exists, and the expectation of the clients.

Glad it's clearer svpribyl! ;)

Best, //Olof

First of all, congrats for this amazing initiative. You are doing a great job engaging politics to human development and social collaboration. Congratulations to the city of Linz for it.

I'm working on a special and "quite different" project, that hope covers your expectations. Just need to confirm the height of the bridge. Is it 259cm?

Best, Val

I think it is base level above sea level

But, what's the height of the estructure from the basement to the top?

I think it's nearly 25,9 meters from ground level

check the blue print n2

in the downloads info

Great entries everybody! Please do your best to finalize your proposal before tomorrow and remember to be just in your rating!

Hi guys!

Great to see so many great ideas in this project, amazing job guys! Now make sure that you rate the ideas that you think are the smartest solutions! There's another 4 days to rate, go gO GO! :)

All the best,


I would like to congratulate everybody who took part at this contest, I think there are a lot a well elaborated ideas, thumbs up!!!

Although I did not take part at this contest, please allow me to point out one more thing.. I would like send a big round of applause to Michael ( @mikaR) for his fantastic engagement in this project!!! There is almost no idea he did not comment on and tried to help with his suggestions , not to speak about all the information brought together in the briefing!!! Hats off, you have all my respect!!!

Michael Hut ab, was du hier an Hilfe geleistet hast ist einfach großartig!!!

Great job guys, this project is now closed and we are doing rating monitoring and will announce the final result soon. Stay tuned!

All the best,


Dear innovators, supporters & architects,

The rating monitoring is now done and I have the final result for the community awards! Give a big round of applause for: Linz Bridge Cinema by Ioan-Catalin Ralea-Toma & Vlad Andrei Popa Levels by RK_341 Tropical Arboretum by andrepradiktha Viewing platform by G_Sasha & Monstro Floating Garden by Wolfgang Biebach Leaf by RK_341 Animated pontoon bridge by aPunct Dynamic Area Linz by mmconcept "Linzer Torte" by lemo & Kakel "Where the crocodile fly?" by gabrielefilippi75

And great team work by Ioan-Catalin Ralea-Toma & Vlad Andrei Popa who also receives the 'Best Collaboration Award' for their idea Linz Bridge Cinema

And a big thanks goes out to mikaR for supporting and giving valuable feedback to a bunch of ideas. mikaR contributed with over 100 helpful comments in this project and for that he will receive the 'Best Feedback Award'. Thanks for your support mikaR!

Thanks for all the great submissions and creative solutions, it's been an interesting project to follow. And thanks to Tal for great guiding as well!

All the best,


So many great works! Congratulations to everyone!

Sorry to ask, but are there any jury winners?

Congratulation to all winners!! and big thanx to MikaR for his outstanding and so helpful feedback in this project!

about 5 years ago

"1. Stay simple with your program and your architecture, not 10 buildings but one, not ten functions but one strong and clear one. 3. Keep in mind that the bridge is in a bad state, it’s rusting and falling apart, this is why it would be very hard to renovate it for its old function. The old structure can carry itself, any extra weight will need additional new structure, which again would make your project more expensive ands less feasible."


Good competition and I hope the city will elect to build the winning entry!

Some more exciting news for you!

Yesterday morning the four jury members had a press conference in Linz where they announced the jury winner. Ready? *drumroll*...Give a huge round of applause for: Floating Garden by Wolfgang Biebach - Great work and a big congratulations to you Wolfgang!

These additional five ideas were among the finalists, great work by all of you as well: 2. Danube Stairway by Benjamin Baum 3. Eisenbahnmarkt by Sander H 4. Viewing platform by G_Sasha & Monstro 5. LinzBRDG by gergelykukucska, debrarhelleitold & davidvarga 6. Spiral Pavilion by svpribyl

What happens now? On the 27th of September the city of Linz will have a public vote where they are going to decide either to build the new bridge or not. If the people decide to build the new bridge, Linz AG will try to realize Wolfgang's idea for upcycling the old bridge.

Stay tuned for more information!

Best, Olof

Congrats to ALL WINNERS - and congrats to the community for voting........... ;-)

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you know about an opportunity similar to Upcycle the Bridge. At the moment we are running a crowdstorm with adidas, Freudenberg & more where they invite architects, interior designers, foodies and innovators to design and rethink the future food experience for their employees for the year 2025. Check out the brief here and feel free to ask any questions under the brief.

p.s. If you submit your ideas before halftime feedback on the 21st of September, you could earn 1 of 2 MacBook Pros with Retina Display!

Hope to see some of your ideas soon!

Best, Tal

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3.3    The creative submitting an idea to a project grants to jovoto non-exclusive transferable rights, without restriction on time, space or content, to use the idea, including associated creative works and any comments submitted therewith to the extent required for the operation of the platform. In particular, the creative grants to jovoto the right to make every comment and/or idea and the associated works on the platform accessible to third parties and to make any reproductions necessary for this purpose. The creative grants to jovoto the right to edit the works in question in order to present them more favorably on the website.

3.4    In addition, the creative grants to jovoto the right to make comments and/or the idea and the associated works publicly accessible for the purpose of presentation beyond the confines of the project, for example in the jovoto newsletter or in its blog, to distribute them and to edit them, in particular to create and present summaries or individual pictures of videos and texts, scaled-down versions of photographs ('thumbnails') etc.

3.5    Furthermore, the creative grants to jovoto the non-exclusive right, without restriction on content, time or space, to use the ideas and associated works in any medium for the purpose of communicating and promoting the project and/or ideas submitted to the project. To this end, jovoto may reproduce the ideas and associated works, distribute, edit, rearrange them, make them publicly accessible, broadcast and publicly play them in other ways, whereby this includes in particular making them available or broadcasting them by transmitting the content to fixed or mobile terminal devices of other creatives as part of automated subscription services (push services) or download services (pull services) (e.g. by podcast, RSS feed, Atom feed, XML interface or other technologies). The parties to this agreement consider the right of public reproduction also to include, in particular, the right to render the idea and associated works on the website using methods to play back audio and video data that can be received and simultaneously played by creatives (streaming), including the possibility of configuring the stream in such a way that the broadcast data can be stored by the recipient. In order to document the project and/or to promote the platform, jovoto may in particular include the creative's idea, alone or together with the ideas of other creatives, in a catalog of ideas, which will be made available to the client on conclusion of a project, and which it may reproduce as a different form of print publication and distribute (including as poster), where this serves as an appropriate form of publication for the platform, present at trade fairs (in particular in the form of banners, posters, video clips), make accessible as "best cases" on the platform, also in conjunction with other projects, or make generally publicly available, include in press releases or make available to third parties in the course of normal public relations work (for example for external press reports in journals).

3.6    In order to secure the greatest possible level of awareness and reach for the creative's ideas, the creative additionally grants to jovoto the right to publish the creative's ideas, and/or to have them published, on websites of external providers, to make the reproductions required for this and to transfer the individual works (i.e. the corresponding files) to the relevant third party, and/or to grant these providers technical access to the ideas for the above-mentioned purposes, including the right to reproduce the ideas for inclusion in their own websites. In order to achieve the aims mentioned in this sub-section, jovoto may use popular, established technical methods (e.g. embedded functions). The creative therefore consents to the relevant third-party provider adopting the works in question and also publishing them.

3.7    The creative will receive no monetary recompense for granting the aforementioned rights of use to jovoto. In return for being granted the rights, jovoto will present the creative's ideas on the platform and will give him the opportunity to sell his ideas to third parties or to jovoto and to participate with his ideas in projects.

3.8    In technical terms, the platform is a highly complex system with a large number of links. The content of creatives builds on from different user content and is cross-linked with it in many ways, etc. In addition, as a platform for creative services, the platform must provide a high degree of transparency and traceability – also covering the possibility of investigating or searching through events set in the past. The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 3 is therefore irrevocable and extends beyond any end to the user agreement. Content submitted by the creative to the platform can therefore remain accessible on the platform even after this license agreement terminates or the creative is no longer a user of the platform for other reasons.

3.9    jovoto also endeavors wherever possible to allow the creative every freedom to exploit his ideas vis-à-vis third parties. Within the scope of projects the creative may, where applicable, have the opportunity to subject his idea to open content licensing terms (such as Creative Commons licensing). Whether and to what extent this is to apply in an individual project (including the relevant details) will be specified in the briefing. The creative must in all cases explicitly indicate the use of third-party materials, including those that are subject to open licensing.

4.    Granting Rights of Use to the Client


By submitting an idea to the project, the creative grants the rights of use listed in section 4 to the client. The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 4.2 ff. is subject to the condition precedent that the client decides to acquire the creative's idea.

4.1    By participating in a project, the creative grants to the client the non-exclusive right of use, without restriction on content, time or space, to present his ideas and works as such outside of advertising campaigns or in order to promote the project, alone or together with the ideas and works of other creatives participating in the project, in any medium. Moreover, the creative grants to the client the right to use the ideas and works for the purpose of internal and external market research and for preparing the acquisition of the exclusive rights of use to the ideas and works. This may require the distributing and making the ideas and works publicly accessible, limited to the aforementioned purposes.

4.2    By accepting this license agreement, the creative grants to jovoto, subject to the condition precedent of the client's decision to acquire the corresponding rights from jovoto, rights of use to the idea that the creative has submitted to the project, together with all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, and to elements protected by copyright, design and performance protection rights associated with the idea (hereinafter referred to collectively as "works"), for exploitation in all known and unknown manners of utilization, in particular to the extent detailed below. This includes in particular – also in cases where rights arise at a later date – the exclusive, transferable right, unrestricted by content, time and space, and capable of being sub-licensed in parts, to reproduce the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, irrespective of whether for payment or not, to distribute them, exhibit, rent out, to publicly render, in particular present, perform, display, make publicly accessible, broadcast, relay via cable or other systems (cable rebroadcasting), reproduce through video or audio medium, to make public via screen, loudspeaker or any other technical device, programs already broadcast or recordings made on the basis of public transmissions or to reproduce in any other intangible form, to edit and rearrange as well as to publish and use any such edited or rearranged form.

4.3    The aforementioned rights of exploitation for commercial or promotional purposes include in particular:

4.3.1    The right to reproduce the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any tangible and/or intangible, digital or analog, form, e.g. through reprography or transfer to analog media (e.g. packaging, promotional material, advertisements, placards, books, stickers, printouts, pictures, illustrated books, books, comics, leaflets, flyers, photographs, photocopies, photo-mechanical processes, posters, magazines, newspapers), through digitalization or any other form of digital storage and to temporarily and/or permanently store on any other known type of data, video and/or video/audio media such as diskette, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio, Super Audio CD, audio cassette, vinyl record, MMC, SD, MS, MS Pro, Flash Card, Smart Card, Secure Digital Card, memory stick, MiniDisc, DAT, hard disk, server, proxy server, USB stick and/or via transmission in the Internet or other data networks or through transmissions or in database systems; in particular this also includes the right to use the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea for company-internal and -external presentations, in company-internal media such as intranet, PowerPoint presentations and for the creation and distribution of advertisements in print media and in electronic, especially online, means of advertising;

4.3.2    The right to distribute or put into circulation the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea in any known way and on all physical analog and digital media independently or in combination with other works, especially in support of a product, and/or to offer these to third parties, in particular to rent and lend out irrespective of the distribution channel and the embodiment, in particular through distribution of the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea on the aforementioned digital or analog media via wholesalers, resellers or retailers, mail order and irrespective of whether by remote sale, electronic transaction, free transfer or free distribution;

4.3.3    The right to transfer the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any known technical manner and to make them known, and in particular accessible to the public. This includes, in particular, the fact that the idea and the associated works may be stored in digital form in a data processing system from which they may then be retrieved by third parties 'on demand' as a stream or download or any other form as digital signal via wired or wireless media and/or transmitted there with the consequence that the stored data are transferred to the receiving device of the third party where they may be decoded after storage, intermediate storage or immediately, i.e. converted into text, images and/or sounds and made visible or audible. The idea and the associated works may also be made available to the third party in such a manner that he/she may store the idea and the works contained therein and/or parts thereof in his/her receiving device and may access them there repeatedly. Interactive use by way of on demand is characterized by the ideas stored in digital form being made available to members of the public who are not present at the source of where they are made available, and being made available in such a way that members of the public have access to them and can request their transmission at independent times and places even if transmission of the works to third parties takes place at a later point in time than at the one requested. The online right of use exists independently of the form of transmission chosen by the client or its licensees for the use of the protected material and includes, for example, interactive or non-interactive online systems, electronic databases, the Internet, the World Wide Web, social networks and platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, XING, Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook, Apps, IRC or news, file sharing or application service providing;

4.3.4    The right to send or forward the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, to third parties irrespective of whether in 'analog or digital' form whether via data networks in the form of subscription or download services (e.g. by streaming, video-on-demand, near-video-on-demand, podcasting, webcasting, simulcasting, IPTV, mobile TV, push services (such as RSS feed, XML interface, etc.) and pull services of all kinds) or via traditional modes of transmission such as public or private broadcast, rebroadcast and repeat broadcast via radio, television and similar systems of communication and reception, electromagnetic waves, electronic devices, wire, cable, satellite, antenna systems, digital means of communications and other technical equipment, whether via the client's own means of transmission or via public or private broadcast companies;

4.3.5    The right to publish the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, first in any desired form at the point in time of the client's choosing irrespective of whether on any type of tangible media or in intangible form (e.g. on the Internet), irrespective of whether independently or in combination with other content such as a collection or multimedia work or as part of an encyclopedia;

4.3.6    The right to commercially exploit the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, through the manufacture and sale of goods of all types (e.g. dolls, toys, stuffed animals, sports articles, household, bathroom and kitchen items, garments, printed matter including comics, sound storage media, headgear, buttons) and/or to exploit the media listed and described in this sub-section, the marketing of services of all types using the circumstances, names, titles, figures, illustrations or other relationships related to the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, including the right to exploit the idea fully or in part through the production and sale of games/computer games, including interactive computer games, and/or other multi-media productions and/or other forms of work and to promote goods and services of any kind using such elements or through edited or unedited excerpts from videos ("merchandising right");

4.3.7    The right to modify, edit, combine, arrange the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any manner, especially through correction and translation into any other language, through extension, conversion, augmentation, adaptation, complementing, through inclusion in databases or by the creation of collected works, through the substitution of images and figures, through changes to the characters of figures, or allowing such actions to be undertaken by third parties, and to publish, exploit, or have published and exploited, the edited or rearranged works in any of the ways described in the above provisions.

4.3.8    The rights granted exist irrespective of the technology used as the basis for the use of the right. In particular, the granting / transfer of rights of use are not bound to the form of data transmission (analog or digital), to the means of data transmission currently used or to the type of end-user receiving device. The client is especially entitled to allow this access via any type of equipment or device that is technically able to call up and/or represent the content provided. Access can be effected in particular with the aid of fixed devices (e.g. personal computer, set-top box for digital TV or Internet terminal) and mobile terminal devices, especially mobile telephones (via WAP, SMS, i-mode and any future standards), smartphones, electronic organizers, so-called personal digital assistants (based on operating systems such as Stinger, EPOC, Palm OS, Windows CE/Pocket PC), in particular via wired connections (telephone networks, TV cable networks, ISDN, DSL, Internet fixed line, etc.), via wireless connections (wireless local loop, satellite, radio [in particular DVB-H], mobile telephone networks [GSM, CDMA, HSCSD, GPRS, 3G, UMTS], wireless LAN) or in the process of synchronization with other electronic devices (e.g. via cable and network connection, Bluetooth or infra-red) and on the basis of various transmission standards and presentation formats (e.g. TCP/IP, SMS, MMS, EMS, PMS, smart messages, DVB, HTML, WML, cHTML, e-mail) in all online services, data and (tele-) communications networks, in particular the Internet.

The client is to be able to use the idea fully and exclusively on a permanent basis and to exploit it commercially, in particular for advertising purposes and across all media.

4.4    In addition to, and above and beyond, the above provisions, it is agreed that, if the creative has created a computer program, only the client will be entitled to exercise any proprietary rights to the computer program after the transfer of rights by jovoto.

4.5    Following the transfer of rights, the client is entitled at its own discretion and without the separate agreement of the creative, to transfer the rights listed in section 4 to third parties or to allow third parties to exercise such rights irrespective of whether in the original form or in an edited form. This applies independently of the content and scope of the license terms agreed with the relevant third party, i.e. irrespective of whether through the transfer of the exclusive right of use or through the assignment of individual or several fully inclusive or non-exclusive rights of use limited with regard to content and/or time and/or space.

4.6    The above provisions also apply in the event that the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, have been combined with third-party protected material. If a collective creative work with shared copyright ownership has resulted from the combination of the works with other protected material, the creative herewith agrees to the exploitation of the collective work to the extent specified by the above provisions.

4.7    The use of material covered by open access or open content licensing terms for the development and creation of the project idea is prohibited, irrespective of whether this is done by the creative or third parties. The creative warrants that he will not use such material.

4.8    The idea will also remain visible on the platform even after being sold to the client. It will however be marked as 'sold (e.g. as 'Client's Choice').

4.9    The creative waives his right to be named as author in the exploitation of the idea. jovoto will work towards persuading the client that the creative's authorship should be acknowledged as author and that he should be named as such in accompanying material in cases where it is not possible to achieve such mention on specimens of the work.

4.10    Where the creative has used material and/or works of third parties in the course of developing and submitting the idea (for example photographs from publicly accessible databases, fonts, sample texts or similar), he also grants to jovoto and to the client rights of use to this third-party material and to these third-party works in accordance with the provisions of section 4.10. The sole exception to this are those parts of the idea that have been identifiably used for illustrative purposes and are marked as such components used solely for illustrative purposes and are explicitly titled as "SAMPLE" or "SPECIMEN" in the idea. Third-party materials and third-party works that are not marked as such will be treated as if they were the creative’s own works.

4.11    The condition precedent for the granting of rights in accordance with section 4 will be deemed to have been met when the client has made the decision to acquire the rights to an idea of the creative as specified in section 4, the client has informed jovoto of this in writing and jovoto has accordingly informed the creative in writing. jovoto will grant the license rights to the idea to the client immediately after the condition precedent becomes effective and the creative has been informed.

4.12    jovoto will immediately inform the creative in writing in cases where the client desires a direct license of rights from the creative. The creative and the client can then reach an agreement on the scope of the rights granted – if necessary with jovoto as mediator. jovoto will provide a specimen agreement on request.

4.13    The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 4 remains unaffected by the termination of the contractual relationship between the creative and jovoto and the underlying terms of use.

5.    Creative's Guarantee, Indemnity

5.1    The creative guarantees that he has developed all ideas, and works associated with the ideas together with the individual elements, himself, and that he is the owner of all rights that are necessary in order to grant the rights of use in accordance with sections 3 and 4 and to meet any other applicable conditions. The creative also guarantees that his ideas and associated works are free of any third-party rights.

5.2    The creative also guarantees that he will not submit or offer any content, in particular ideas or work samples, that encroach upon the rights of third parties or where content is ineligible in accordance with the above provisions. The creative must check whether his ideas and the associated works infringe the rights of third parties. Indications for such contractual infringements are given when, in particular,

5.2.1    Works subject to copyright, e.g. graphics, videos, photos or text (even when edited or alienated, unless the original can no longer be identified), are used that were not created by the creative himself;

5.2.2    The ideas contain performances subject to copyright or related rights such as live recordings of concerts, plays, circus performances, etc., or parts thereof, or include other performances protected by other related rights such as television programs (including opening and closing sequences);

5.2.3    Third parties have collaborated on the production of the content in such a way that they are able to acquire ancillary copyright, for example for recording, direction, editing, sound engineering, camerawork, etc. unless the persons in question have agreed to the exploitation of the idea created with their collaboration on the platform;

5.2.4    The content includes personal or other sensitive information about individuals or groups of people, unless the necessary consent and/or exploitation rights have been obtained by the creative;

5.2.5    Third parties are portrayed in photographs or videos in such a way that they play a major role in terms of their significance for the photo/video, unless the creative has obtained their explicit consent to the scene and to the exploitation of the results on the platform.

5.3    The creative also guarantees that he is not prevented by any contract of employment or other such agreement from contributing the relevant idea and participating with it in a project.

5.4    The creative will indemnify jovoto from any claims that third parties may assert against jovoto for infringement of their rights as a result of the ideas submitted by the creative. jovoto will inform the creative of any such assertion in writing immediately. The creative will make every effort to support jovoto in preparing a suitable defense. The creative will assume all costs incurred by jovoto in this connection, including reasonable costs for a legal defense. The creative is entitled to prove that the actual costs incurred by jovoto were lower than those claimed.

5.5    The same applies in the event of claims asserted by third parties when the creative infringes legal positions of third parties, in particular trademark rights or personal rights, or other legal provisions (such as prohibitions contained in the Act Against Unfair Practices – UWG) through the subject of the content, irrespective of the authorship thereof.