The pedestrians and bicyclists bridge
The old railway bridge come to new life as a bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists


Four elements of the original bridge (the central curved one and three "flat" parts) are re-used to create a new bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists. The "new" bridge connects the paths on both sides of the river and is anchored to the two existing unused bridge piers. Some benches are added on the bridge so people can better enjoy the view and the experience of the river.

What is the name of your concept?

The pedestrians and bicyclists bridge

Which of the three suggested areas are you choosing for your concept? (the Donaulände public park, the port area or the mouth of Traun River)?

The mouth of the Traun river

What is the public function of your concept?

The old bridge will become the new pedestrians and bicyclists bridge and will connect the paths on both sides of the river. In this way the pedestrians and bicyclists paths in the recreational area will have continuity.

How are the parts of the old railway bridge visible in your concept?

The central curved element of the bridge and three "flat" elements are re-used entirely, but with an added wooden paving. The "flat" elements may need to be shortened.

Have you used any third-party material? Even if you've modified it, source the original here. See FAQ for details.

The bridge and landscape are from working materials from Jovoto. People are from public domain pictures.

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