Old bridge as a trek for roller surfing
The old bridge may be used as a trek for roller surfing


Old Bridge is damaged by corrosion. So it is better to use it on-shore. As I understand, there is enough space around Donaulände public park. If so, it is possible to make a hill with hillslope about 15 grad and put the sections of the bridge all together in one line. Rails will be used for some kind of elevator. By this project we save skyline of the bridge and enrich active sport life of the citizents and guests of Linz. And what about international roller cart festival?

What is the name of your concept?

Trek for roller surfing

Which of the three suggested areas are you choosing for your concept? (the Donaulände public park, the port area or the mouth of Traun River)?

Donaulände public park

What is the public function of your concept?

  1. my concept saves skyline of the bridge
  2. my concept enriches sport life of local people and guests of Linz
  3. my concept may be a base for regular DIY roller cart festival

How are the parts of the old railway bridge visible in your concept?

Old bridge will be used as it is ( full set of sections) to save remarkable skyline

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I use for illustrations the images of roller cart festival in Colombia : http://news.alibaba.com/article/detail/news/100985587-1-roller-cart-festival-colombia.html