Urban Art Space
An open space for Urban Art expression and competition.


Keeping same structure, keeping the trees in the middle I design a long stage for video projections, djs and street artists and musicians. Second module is for Art Gallery and shop. And the third module is for Graffiti competitions and video performances.

What is the name of your concept?

Urban Art Space

Which of the three suggested areas are you choosing for your concept? (the Donaulände public park, the port area or the mouth of Traun River)?

I am choosing the Donaulände public park.

What is the public function of your concept?

To give a space for young and not so young people to enjoy new forms of art. Placing blank surfaces over the structure of the bridge, artist can paint at day light and open air, as well as they promote themselves, they can enjoy being part of city life.

How are the parts of the old railway bridge visible in your concept?

The parts of the old bridge are the main structure and I propose to keep them as they are, and using glass roof and walls to create the interior spaces. As suggested in a comment, I add sails on the sides for sun and rain protection.

Have you used any third-party material? Even if you've modified it, source the original here. See FAQ for details.

Photos credits: http://www.20minutos.es/imagen/992522



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