Linz Bridge Cinema
The old bridge is being refurbished to create an open air cinema revitalising the Danube waterfront.


The Linz Bridge Cinema, together with the new harbor development and the old town, define a new cultural axis.The connecting feature of the bridge is now perceived on a new level.Even though it doesn’t link physical spaces anymore, the bridge still acts as a bond between old and new values, between the urban and the wild, art and nature. Although inverted, the original image of its dominant structure can be seen as a reflection in the Danube or in the water basins created underneath the bridge.

What is the name of your concept?

Linz Bridge Cinema FULL HD VIDEO here -

Which of the three suggested areas are you choosing for your concept? (the Donaulände public park, the port area or the mouth of Traun River)?

Hafengelände LINZ AG - The Linz port area is being brought back to life, connecting it to the Historic City Centre, through cultural and visual axes.

What is the public function of your concept?

The bridge is being reused as a multifunctional ensemble. While the main function is that of an Outdoor Cinema, also bringing together a small amphitheater, an interactive mini-cinema, a "history-wall" and a waterfront coffee-house, symbolically named "Under the Bridge".

Aside these functions, the rooftop defines itself as an observation deck, as well as natural space, a park where everyone can relax and enjoy the views, prone to draw in activity seekers during winter (ski, sledding).

How are the parts of the old railway bridge visible in your concept?

The 3 central segments are being reused in a different manner to create a protective space.While the visual integrity of the Old Bridge is maintained on the outside, the whole structure is being reinforced and suspended over a concrete “box”-the cinema box and screen, creating a floating effect for the passer-by. The trusses that support the pedestrian walkway are being reused in two ways:as a cornice for the side facades, used for illuminating, and as a glass landing linked to the coffeehouse

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