walking tracks, running tracks / SLOW cycling tracks / FAST cycling tracks
functional union between fast movement and slow movement.


The target of this project is functional union between fast movement and slow movement ( cycling and pedestrian movement ) which won't establish bothering to each other, and thus this union will bring up together people of all ages to share the same recreation area. MORE DETAILED INFORMATION will be added here soon or will be added into the presentation slides.

What is the name of your concept?

Efficient space sharing created by functional movement

Which of the three suggested areas are you choosing for your concept? (the Donaulände public park, the port area or the mouth of Traun River)?

Donaulaende Urfahr

What is the public function of your concept?

RECREATION by walking or using hammocks (hammocks will be mounted in the central area with the existing clump of trees) / SPORT by cycling or running / EXPLORING by watching Linz from the watch-tower

How are the parts of the old railway bridge visible in your concept?

The parts of the old railway will be perfectly visible so they won't be covered by any closure devices, excepting the closure of the upsides of the bridges (these closures will be fast cycling tracks).

Have you used any third-party material? Even if you've modified it, source the original here. See FAQ for details.


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