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Short description
This public open innovation project is aimed at architects, engineers, designers and artists from Linz, Austria as well as the rest of the world. This is your opportunity to upcycle an old railway bridge in an innovative and creative way, to present your concept to the public.
The aim is to show that an alternative use is not only possible, but also represents a valuable gain for the city of Linz.

Your task
Create an innovative concept to upcycle elements of the old bridge in Linz. You may choose from three public spaces where the re-used parts of the bridge can be installed. The elements of the old railway bridge should be central to your urban development concept. It’s up to you whether you work with individual parts or with entire bridge sections, as long as your design pays respect to the original bridge construction. The end-product should benefit the people of Linz - whether it be a sculpture, a playground, an urban garden – the sky is the limit.


Project Jury

Awarded ideas