Create a logo for Urban.Us, a community to help startups solve urban challenges!

€3,500prize pool

Create a logo for Urban.Us, a community to help startups solve urban challenges!


Urban.Us is a platform that will enable the most promising entrepreneurs addressing global urban challenges.

More of us are moving to cities. This migration is creating new challenges in areas like mobility, security, energy and governance. And as if this was not enough, simply solving the problems is not enough - solutions need to be financially and environmentally sustainable.

While large global firms like IBM, Siemens and GE attract a great deal of attention with smarter citie offerings, early stage firms are taking on grand urban challenges. In the last few years alone, we've seen startups disrupt areas ranging from mobility (Lyft, Waze) and security (Dropcam, Skycatch) to governance (Public Stuff, Modria) and sustainable buildings (Nest, Firstfuel).

We’re getting better at starting new organizations to solve specific problems. Over the last decade, accelerator programs have shown that they help startups to efficiently navigate early stage risks. More recently, firms like AngelList, Startup Health, Quirky and yes, jovoto, too have show how you can collaborate online at a global scale to find and test ideas. You can create very effective communities by bringing the best people together, regardless of where there live in the world.

Urban.Us will be an online community that brings together the best entrepreneurs, urban leaders, citizens and investors. They will help to identify promising concepts and teams, and then provide guidance and feedback through the major early stage growth phases.


The aim is a unique and state of the art logo for Urban.Us. Your logo will be the basis for the development of the corporate identity. 

Task Definition

Create a logo for Urban.Us, a community to help startups solve urban challenges

Besides the logo you should develop a business card as well as an initial presentation template that shows how your design principles can be applied.

The logo needs to work well in the following situations:

  • The logo only on publications, co-branding and on other websites
  • The small logo only in social media profile photos and small stickers
  • The logo should also work with the tagline “Startups Solving Urban Challenges”

Your logo MUST work as word mark only. A graphic element can be added, but the mst impotant is that the logo also works without a graphic.

Target Group

  • The main focus should be startups founders. If you would like a general idea for what they might look like, you can think of your favorite current startup founder or more generally, think about extreme insiders or extreme outsiders (if you are interested, here is a long read on this thinking about founders).
  • The following groups of people will also need to be comfortable enough to align with the brand via collaborations, sponsorships, partnerships or other relationships: early stage investors; city administrations or elected officials and citizens.
  • Think about the types of people who have expressed concern about how the world will cope with a massive increase in urban population (academics, politcal leaders, concerned citizens, business leaders, think tanks and foundations)


  • minimalistic
  • global 
  • collaborative
  • not urban grunge style
  • should convey “people” vs technology
  • don't think of a “pink elephant”

Mandatory requirements

  • Designs should be clearly differentiated from top startup accelerators
  • Designs should work in black and white
  • Fonts used should be freely available or easily purchased online

Useful links


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Dear All,

welcome to two weeks of creating an awesome unique logo for urban.us – as the basis of their CI and to enable them to solve urban challenges on a high level.

I am thilled to work with you and see your ideas and designs!

If you have any questions regarding the brief, the task, the word mark or pink elephants feel free to ask. = )

Yours Jesko

Two weeks is quite short time for creating an "awesome" logo, don't you think? Why the rush?

Dear H2O,

we think 2 weeks is ok for the task. The mandatory requirement is creating a logo design | signet as a word mark – an additional symbol is optional. From there you can think and create in the direction of overall CI and showcase it just on business cards and an initial presentation template to fulfill the task.

Yours Jesko

Mhm.....sounds interesting. :)

i like, but only 3 places :(

Dear rural_minds,

Thanks for your honest feedback. You are right – we have awards for the three top ranks – but additionally a guaranteed sold idea of € 1500,-.

Secondly this project is about supporting an innovative and relevant cause, which is why we chose to invite you to join in.

Yours Jesko

thx jesko, yes i know, that's why i'm in too ;) some more places only motivate even a bit more to invest time, or even more time ... at the end we all need money unfortunately :)

Agree. Doesn´t motivate me for instance...

hey jesko, on their actual website is a colon instead of the point, is this an example for adding something, making a new/additional interpretation possibility!? could we use this too, well i think this idea is out now!? or are they absolutely interested in solutions with a point now?

@rural_minds please feel free to ignore everything on the urban.us site. its just a temporary design, until we find great ideas with you and the jovoto community.

thx for your fast answer, soon first logo direction ;)

Thanks @shaunabe for your quick reply!

Despite the Client's Choice, I dont see any other reason why you woulndt award, for example, 6 people instead of only 3. The sum for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes could be easily splitted into 6 prizes... don't you think?

Hi @oxelot. I dont have a strong view on allocating prizes across 6 positions vs 3. I've been in previous debates that have landed up with fewer larger prizes and more smaller prizes. I'm actually to guidance from participants, but dont want to create too much more overhead to vote on prizes. Can we discuss with @Jesko?

I agree with Jorge, it's much more interesting to participate when there are more prizes even if it's a smaller amount!

I will quickly talk to our team and will get back to you in a few hours.

Yours Jesko

What about splitting the 2000 Euro into 8x250 Euro? And maybe the 1. is also the best logo in your opinion and getting additional the 1500 Euro. Logodesign is much more a question of taste ;)

I will quickly talk to our team and will get back to you in a few hours.

Yours Jesko

Dear all,

we have been talking about the prize money structure with our team and the client and would like to offer you this new splitting structure to have a better balance between rank – and 2 more awards:

#1 750 #2 500 #3 250 #4 250 #5 250

As it was just a few creatives asking for a new structure we invite YOU to decide if you want it like this or not – simply by commenting with "Yes" or "No". Please do NOT come up with other suggestions as we do not want to create too much overhead.

Please let us know if you are up for it or not within the next 12 hours to take a quick decision. = )

Yours Jesko

Yes! More places definitely means better motivation! ;)

Why not do this in all contests??, With this, all the participants would have more opportunities, that would be a great encouragement to increase the ideas in each contest. :))

Great! = )Thanks everybody for getting back to us so quickly! Seems as if the decision is very clear. = )

YES – we are going to change it into the new structure right now.

Actually this is very interesting for us to even more understand your needs. For me it feels like even more community spirit, as you asked for lower but more prices to have a better chance but also get more people being awarded. Maybe we should do a short survey about that to better match your needs.

But now: Lets get back to work and concentrate on the creative task!

Shaun and me are going to do theclient feedback on monday – so please take your time to finetune and polish your submission to get even better and more relevant feedback.

Thanks everybody! Its great working with you so open, transparent and fruitful!

Yours Jesko

No!I have a different opinion on this matter. Around the world in a competition prize is 1 or 3 The competitions in the world financial rewards chooses contest organizer, sponsor of the jury. Awards are the only tangible vote, not financial. This system prevents the manipulation of voting. Projects sent to a specific date and are hidden until voting can be seen only by the vote, they can not be updated or changed. Principles simple and clean. Competition is not a job.This is the world. This is my personal opinion. Good luck from Poland

Jovoto works with a complete different system, Krzysztof. We work with feedback loops, transparency, iterations and community.

Ok! Ok ! Jesko !!!. Good luck for All from Poland

Very good concept - three prizes. In sports and competitions in the world are only three awards [1 spot gold, 2 silver place, 3rd place bronze]. Selects the sponsor of the competition always works, not participants. Such a system encourages. Only the sponsor logo contest knows what he likes, not us.. Good luck for All from Poland

Why not do this in all contests??, With this, all the participants would have more opportunities, that would be a great encouragement to increase the ideas in each contest. :))

Dear sophD,

thanks for your suggestion. We are going to think about it – see my reply above.

Yours Jesko

Dear All,

we are going to do the client feedback on monday. So there´s three days left to fine-tune and polish your designs and ideas or even come up with something new.

Thanks for so many great designs already!

Please keep an eye on the tonality and target group. We have lots of submissions with a strong focus on visual connotations to build environments but still the design should convey “people” vs technology. Maybe you can come up with something in this direction, too? More detailed feedback after talking to the client on monday.

I am thrilled to see your updates, fine-tuning or new ideas and thanks a lot for your great work!

Yours Jesko

dear jesko & jovotans,

some actual thoughts: how important, is the point: the logo have to work as pure word mark too!!!??? because many entries lose their connection to the theme at the end without their 'key' visuall!

!!! i think nearly all should concentrate also on this and also more on the community issue than on urban or city associations and so on... me too ;)

so keep hoing! r

Dear rural minds,

thanks a lot for asking! We are going to figure that out with the client in the feedback on monday.

Basically you are right – many ideas work with a signet including a key visual. But since some of these submissions are still awesome i will ask the client for a clear feedback on this.

Yours Jesko

What does it mean: 'Your logo MUST work as word mark only'. Should we create a logotype only - without the symbol/picture mark? I think the term 'symbol' is different compared to 'graphic element' as stated in the brief. Thank you.

Dear legal crash,

thanks a lot for your question. Basically its close to rural minds question above – it tells me that you need a clear answer soon.

Right, the briefing tells us that a pure word mark, as you say a logotype without a symbol, is mandatory and should be able to stand alone, even if you add a symbol as an option. But since we have great submissions with both a wordmark including a symbol i am going to clarify this with the client on monday in the feedback.

@shaunabe: Is there a quick first reply on this from your side?

Yours Jesko

Yes! This is a great art to make a logo that said no inscription. Briefing probably badly written. I also understand that the logo is a trademark. Maybe you should write the regulations that'' logo has to be done with the inscription URBAN.US! can?...Although it is written in the rules...>..>>>>............''Your logo MUST work as word mark only. A graphic element can be added, but the mst impotant is that the logo also works without a graphic.''.......

Thank you to all of you.

I am very excited about Urban.Us. So much of the problem is communication and these marks will hopefully go a long way to signal people and organizations who are working to solve our urban challenges in new and useful ways.

I am excited to have the opportunity to see so many ideas and hear some many perspectives.

Will send more usable feedback on Monday, but just want to say thank you.

Hello! When i Start to design the logo, i fell i lack of information about "top startup accelerators" What is top startup accelerators? Any website or reference to this service? And how can i relate it with the client company?

Dear LKK1511,

Top startup accelerators help & consult startups to efficiently navigate early stage risks. We added a list of top startup accelerators in the mandatory requirements – to have a look and make your design clearly differentiated from them.

Yours Jesko

hello @LKK1511. this is a list of top accelerators, ranked by financial performance. there are links to their respective websites. http://www.seed-db.com/accelerators

Thanks. Startup Accelerators's company is a totally a new service to me as my place don't have that kind of company around. From the list you mentioned, there are a lot of different kind of Startup Accelerator, i still don't know what kind of service you offering. Are you a waste treatment company which deal with sewerage systems and recycle waste ?


I Love Logo and CD (CI contests!


Dear All,

thanks a bunch for many great, interesting and inspiring submissions already!

After a very fruitful feedback talk with @shaunabe yesterday here´s the synthesis of the main criteria and direction for fine-tuning your submissions or even come up with new ideas.


• Top 1 criteria is that your design works and is distinctive in a very small format as well! It should be clearly recognizable in small social formats like twitter – and urban.us will do a lot of co-branding, so that their own logo should be very clear and distinctive.

• As questioned by many of you it is absolutletly OK if you work with a strong key-visual/signet and do not just focus on a word mark, since the client has seen so many great ideas created by you.

• Urban.us think conceptional ideas are definitely the strongest! They love if your design offers multiple interpretations!

• Please do not take "community" nor "build environments" too literary visually. Urban.us loves your designs of abstract concepts and conceptional design!

• Cities of the future will not just be about buildings, it might be about data and people. It would be great if you can reflect that in a way.


Shaun came up with a great inspiration i would like to share with you – as i think it is a very challenging and inspiring question for focusing your idea or create something new.

• What about making your design look like a very modern, contemporary city seal? How would it look like?

Have a look at the very old evolution of coats of arms or city seals with dragons and eagles. How would a very contemporary conceptional design look like without dragons and new metaphors? We think there are already submissions that can be seen in this way and it might be a great direction.

We are thrilled to see your updates, new ideas and will get back to some of your ideas in detail. Thanks for being here!

And do not think of pink elephants! = )

Yours Jesko

Ah the pink elephants.. never got round to asking what that was about.. reference please Jesko.. Thanks for the detailed feedback.. very helpful.. :))

Trying to make briefings more fun with @shaunabe. = )

Thanks Jesko.. :D Please let me know if the new idea fits the inspiration or not..

Sorry if I sound out of sorts here but is modern contemporary seals a great inspiration for a startup? If you look at most successful startups, they're logo's are minimal, sometimes even no marque at all. Seals make me think of Cub scouts, brownies, football and political elections... I'll see what I can do but I sense a trend in form following function here... let's see...

Dear lefelikeux,

oh you got us wrong – i am completely on your side. If we talk about a contemporary city seal, we are thinking of a completely different, modern, new contemporary and minimal design. So you are absolutely on the right track, Lee. = )

Yours Jesko

After much deliberation (and confusion) I now understand ;) Hopefully some of my new entries hit the spot - thanks. Lee

Thanks for this great feedback Jesko & Shaun!

I see a lot of submissions with city seal, or playing shield symbol. Yes it has a solid look, but somehow loosing the 'human sense' involved. For me, shield/city seal represents protection, dignity and authority. I feel a sense of boundary created when I see a shield form or seal. It's a contradiction with mobile and cross-cultural sense of urban people nowadays.

Maybe in some part of the world, shield reminds Western imperialism and colonialism...

Dear legalcrash,

thanks a lot for your sharing your perspective! If we are talking about a modern contemporary city seal as inspiration – it should not necessarily be a shield, nor indicate protection, dignity and authority.

Yours Jesko

@lifelikeux looking at your latest submission, I think you got it 110%. nicely done.

... sounds like you found, what you are looking for :) I have a question to you: Do you read the explanation of an idea, if you don't like the first sketch of the logo? Sometimes there is more behind than you can see and as you mentioned in the brief: you like strong concepts. I am curious ;)

I'm done here. Thanks to all. ;D

almost 7 years ago

@DENKdifferent I do try to understand the idea behind the concept. but I also judge what I see in presented elements. if I think the concept is really strong, but not executed the way I like, I've tried to comment, but at some point its hard without giving detailed instructions about a specific approach and this is something I have tried to avoid.

sorry that both of you think the challenge is over. I was reacting mostly to @likfelikeux earlier comment in the thread where he seemed to indicate that he didn't understand the feedback. I think he got it. I dont think he won. while I like the work, I am going to lean on the jurors for their impressions as they have far more experience in this area than I do. hope this clarifies.

Hi Shaun! Thank you for your feedback! I understand you! :)

But maybe you can imagine, if you are working on a logo and the project guide and the client leave no comment at your work, but they leave comments on other entries, you will think, they don't like your idea. And than you don't want to develop. But if the client or the project guide leave a comment, you know, he has seen your design and is interested somehow. So you will try to make it perfect. :) Sometimes a concept comes in mind before the design. And sometimes it is the other way. Hope you understand, what I want to say ;)

I am glad, that you are so involved here and active! Most clients are only in the background. Thank you for that! :D

I agree with DENKdifferent. I would always love to have comments from jury and project guide to help my work. Actually, i still lost in this project.

DENKdifferent's comment is 110% percent right. ;)

I agree .. its been refreshing to see the jury be a part of the critique and in a very encouraging way.. it actually makes us want to design further.I think the fact that there are so many ideas in a short time speaks to that.. . :))

almost 7 years ago

trying my best to keep up with all the submissions. in some cases other people leave good feedback, so I dont add anything. other challenge is responding to updates - its not always clear when updates happen and they seem to happen quite frequently.

Shaun, if you follow the ideas you like or the persons designing it .. it will show up as update in your dashboard.. under New and updated ideas from your network. The network is the people that you follow or follow you.

'''Your logo MUST work as word mark only. A graphic element can be added, but the mst impotant is that the logo also works without a graphic.'''.....How are we to understand this? . Because I realized that the logo has to be done only with the inscription'' URBAN.US'' . Not the same character'' U'' and so on. Only the inscription'' Urban.Us'' but without the sign........ .. It is good to understand?. ..Good luck from Poland

Dear Krzysztof,

please have a look at the feedback. "As questioned by many of you it is absolutletly OK if you work with a strong key-visual/signet and do not just focus on a word mark, since the client has seen so many great ideas created by you."

Yours Jesko

Jesko Thanks! OK! Now I understand. Good luck from Poland

Dear All,

here´s a short interview with @Shaunabe we featured in the blog yesterday – with some more inspiration on the halftime feedback.


Yours Jesko


such situation had the place in the different competition earlier >>>> http://www.jovoto.com/projects/facelift-for-luther/ideas/28873

Dear wycich83,

I can completely understand that it is unpleasant for you that we had to delete your submission. – And thanks for uploading a new version of your design.

As I told you in my private message we have been carefully discussing it with the team and came to the conclusion that we have to be fair for everybody. Your design has been so close to another design that already existed that it would not have been fair to the others keeping the rank and rating of this one. Usually we ask to develop an idea into a new direction but as you have been on rank#1 being 100% the same (!) as the other one – we had to delete it.

The case you refer to was similar but still there were differences between the design – it was not 100% the same.

Yours Jesko

Mr Abrahamson.. Do u have a color preference for the logo or any key words for the company that could help us hone in on the right colours for the logo?

Dear szach,

feel free to suggest the color option that fits best to your concept and design and please do not forget to provide a black&white option as stated in the briefing. The final color scheme can be easily fine-tuned I think.

Yours Jesko

Thanks Jesko.. In my next update, there is a black and white and a greyscale version .. I am just waiting to finish all the slides before posting..

Halftime feedback and advice of would b a great help............. thankx for them !!!

Dear All,

Thanks a bunch for so many great designs in this project!

After a short and wild time here the submission period just ended and the rating only period started. We have 261 ideas and 3843 ratings now.

I would like to invite everybody to rate fairly and as much as you can to make the best ideas win. We will do monitoring from our side to provide fairness within this process.

Yours Jesko

AWESOME! So many great logos! fortunately, the customer knew nothing of this logos befor he opened this project. He would have saved a lot of money :D (this envato ones)

hehehe... you are right dear RAMONA, maybe next logo project contest would be great if guides first make a research with the more common logo stocks in the market for not working in something that client can buy for not so many dollars. Or maybe, it's not jovoto business to do that cause we might loose some future projects... :P I'll keep researching to help the client and community to select the best one!!! :)

I think it's a great list. Haha true re future project :)

Dear All,

I truly can understand every creative wanting to see his work being protected.

Some of the links and interferences you poited out to me in this project have been a good hint and very relevant – thanks a lot for that! But some were exaggerated and I think the focus of interfernces increased a lot during the end of the project.

I will write a blog-post about level of uniqueness soon, maybe it helps understanding levels of uniqueness better for upcoming projects.

Yours Jesko

Thanks Jesko.. I was going to ask the same thing .. about what is the level of uniqueness.. I was confused too a lot of times .. where is it ok and where is it not ok to be similar.. It will be very useful to see the blog post.. :))

To all those under raters.. I wasn't talking of my own idea.. I was wondering about how to rate ideas ..

Thanks very much everyone. I appreciate the many great submissions and also the ongoing encouragement and suggestions. This is what makes the jovoto process great, even if we periodically see some "idea collisions". Starting to make my way through the submissions again to put together a shortlist. Good luck for the rating period - very curious to see the result.

How can I participate?

Dear robertopujojl,

the submission period of this project has just ended. But there´s more public projects running and coming up. = )

Yours Jesko

Wohhooo! Voted for every idea! :-))

Wow. Wish I still were a student ... :D

Dear All,

After some hot discussion in this project I want to invite and encourage everybody to take some time and rate as much and as fair as you can! Make the best work win!

Which designs nail the requirements of the briefing and hafltime feedback? Which ones are most unique and hit the tonality? Which ones work perfectly as very small icons in social media?

Go and hunt for hidden pearls. = ) There are still outstanding designs not being top ranked.

Yours Jesko

A lot of good work here!!! But I have to notice, I don't like mockups ;-)))

I think a mockup battle shouldn't be the way to pimp up a not so good developed logo. More work on the logo less on the presentation in 1000 ways, imo.

:D But with the mockup everything looks soooo goood! ;)

Das Problem das ich sehe ist, dass man damit zuviel Augenwischerei betreiben kann.

Bin ganz deiner Meinung. Aber offenbar geht die Rechnung auf. Wer keinen Blick für Proportionen oder zielgruppengerechte Gestaltung hat, den kann man mit tollen Perspektiven und Metallic-Look beeindrucken - ganz ungeachtet der Tatsache, dass eine Online-Plattform nie Bedarf an solchem Schnickschnack hat. ;)

Now I am confused.... I have been told I need to improve presentation by my creative friends..as feedback.. and so this time I really made an effort.. so should we or should we not present something nicely.. @ Sybille.. I know u appreciated my idea. .so this is more of a feedback question.. :))

Agree! pretty sad when I saw some repeat mock-up used by different Jovotans. I think this is not very professional.

@Susan: Sibylle didn´t say you shouldn´t use any mockup at all. :) Her point was, that often people are so preoccupied with a shiny presentation, that they don´t see that their logo needed to be revamped rather. The client doesn´t buy your logo because of your beautiful presentation style but because it´s unique, suits their company and works. ;) But the sad thing about it is, that quite some users here don´t see the difference and will vote for the presentation rather than the uniqueness and suitability of a logo... As for me, I´d rather see a good plain logo in black-and-white than a three-dimensional embossed mockup. ;)

Thanks a lot Janne.. Great feedback... :)) ... I really wanted to know, which would be preferable.. .. May be we can have a discussion with Jovoto team on a minimum format for presentation .. say for each category of contest.. That way there will be uniformity in presentation of ideas to a certain extent.. Also .. may be we can have some task specific blog posts, that cover some of the points of what is required for each type of contest .. say for example "design a great logo" .. or what to look for while voting ..in a great logo. I saw Jess already did a task based post which I found useful.. this could be expanded further.. That will help in improving the quality of voting also and for the creatives .. it will be a self check..

Thanks Janne for this answer :) @szach. Indeed Janne has made a completely right interpretation of my "mockup-thoughts". For example, I never have used mockups for a presentation - it's really possible ;-) As a voter I prefer a black and white version, a coloured version, a version of different sizes and a presentation of the CD-material without any perspective. I think it's easier to judge a work whether it's good and functional or not. Of course anybody can decide by himself/herself to work with or without mockups.

Thanks a lot Sybille.. I hope the guides take a note of the discussion and we can have a standard format like u mentioned.. It would go a long way to standardise our presentations .. :)))

I agree with some of the points here but please consider the following. Not all clients can visualize or interpret (as some designers can) how their brand design might look in certain contexts. It was specified in the brief that the mark/logo must work in print (business cards, letterheads) and within a social media environment and provide some slides with rationale.

Sometimes it helps the client with their decision when they get to see their mark/logo in context. Sometimes designers also see the bigger picture and would like to extend their vision into other areas - I always think a brand is not just a mark, it's a story and if that story is serious, emotional, fun or just plain old boring then often the bigger picture helps tell it. I think it would've been nice to see more rationale in the presentations. Even rough mood boards, hand sketches... you know the stuff that shows the process... anyway who am I to kid, I'm a serial mocker upper ;P

Good discussion thread going on here!

Being fair, mock-ups do look beautiful but they do take away the focus from the real thing - THE LOGO. If we have a client who know there brand in and out can judge a logo on its merit rather than the presentation. The issue is with community voting, which Is quite a lot affected by the presentation and mock-ups. It would be great to develop a logo to its peak rather than developing various mock-ups. If the client has to buy a winning proposal they can do it from simple black & white also and from any number of designs submitted. It is the community that affects the most because of shiny presentations.

I have a question in general: Why is it possible, that community members who had never submit an idea, can vote here? I think this is not professional, isn't it?

Unfortunately it's allways the same in public contests.

About the opportunity to vote for all, I think, among the members who sign up on the site every day there are professional people who could vote honestly ... but I'm sure there are also malicious people.

It is interesting that if you want to hurt someone, you can create multiple accounts and vote that person with 10/9 (!) from all the accounts (or very small notes). Fortunately they can be quickly detected.

There are some who think they can win this way the Total project :-) Pathetic people.

I´ll jump into monitoring now. = )

well, i think monitoring will bring some reranking here, well, i hope! but i also think bashing or supporting certain people always influences, also if these votes will be deleted at least! Means being positioned under top 20 mostly brings you more attention and votes, and also better ones, especially members, who aren't professionals are influenced by position, so if there is an idea in these top rankings it seems to be a good one, giving them a higher vote, than seeing this idea behind place 20/50! it's my opinion and i think it's right for this group of jovotans, had a talk about this with other, who agree... well no real idea, how to solve this case! hope to a good & fair end result!

I'm sure the jovotans will sort it all out in the end :) I guess there was bashing, but you never know ;) Maybe it's all fair...

omg I forgot to vote all works .... actually I never realized that ends today ... jovotans sorry dear!!!!

Same problem. Started yesterday rating. I assumed the rating period for this project ends on monday. Sorry for a few of you. I missed some damn good ones.

Same here. Wanted to finish rating yesterday afternoon only to realize that the contest closed already. :(

unfortunately the same problem here.. didnt notice the voting period is so short

Ok – we take it into consideration and keep longer rating periods for upcoming projects.

Thanks Jesko. 4 days is short indeed.

Dear All,

just to let you know – I am right now into monitoring and will take my time to have a close look.

Yours Jesko

Have a close deeeeeep look, Jesko! :D

Oh! sorry for cant give us our vote, the rating period was closed when we try to vote! Good luck for all and hope that the best project wins!

Dear All!

I want to thank everybody for taking part in this project and so many awesome designs. We just finished monitoring and want to hooray: Congrats to the winners!! = )

The Jury created a shortlist, helping the client decide to pic the best design for licensing. We expect the final result soon – and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yours Jesko

that was fast dear jesko, surprising result for me, and also not mine, but anyway congratulation to the winners!!!

strange winner logos, indeed.. also good ones but not my top 5

Yeah nice n quick although also surprised. I had 2 designs in the top 5 for almost the whole duration. At one stage an overall ranking of 9.2 and to finish so low... ah well... Well done to all the winners!

I sent Jess List of 10 fake profiles and I believe that that fake voters made final ranking like this. That profiles are still able to vote and it is really unfair!!!!! I am sure that fake voters that vote on "Total "competition wanted to collect karma points on this competition. This is why I probably will not participate next time. Any way, congrats to the winners!!!!

Dear Vanjolina,

thanks a for your open eyes and engagement for fairness. We carefully monitor ratings and lists you send us. Indeed we found quite some suspicious ratings here and set them on false.

Yours Jesko

congratulations to the winners and thanks again for all the great submissions. I've narrowed down to just a few options for the license, but going to take a little more time before announcing.

Thanks Shaun.. It was fun taking part.. :))

Thanks Shaun! It was an inspiring project! And the amazing work of the jury with the participants of the contest!=)

congrats to the winners:)

seriously? once again i think the "community voting" is just a bad joke. I like the entries that made it up there but there are the really good ones that are missing in my opinion.

I think for future contests there should be no more money prizes for the community winners at all. The ranking should be just for the "fame" (if anyone is interested in that).
but there could be more clients choices (the one that the client wants to use, 2 to 10 more to decorate) or at least a serious, means qualified, and neutral jury that picks the winners. don't get me wrong, it's not about my entries in this contest. I don't anticipated anything because I don't put in so much effort anymore. I think the really talented people will get bored soon if their work is not recognized.

gratulations to the winners anyway.

I second that... like it matzfatz!!!!

100% my opinion matzfatz

I disagree about not having prize money for community winners. It is A HUGE incentinve to participate in the projects. I think there're many other alternatives to fix the issues you are noticing, like getting rid of the 'top 20' arrangement...

Dear All,

thanks for being honest and shouting out what you do not like. Please be sure we take it serious. We are currently working on quite big monitoring improvements as we know how important fairness is for you and for us.

Yours Jesko

The contest is so tough as there are some many great work. But, a lot of issue & disappointing experience from the past, still happening here. And it is good to have the jury taking part in the comment. I hope jury can give us a good comment for EVERY work we done, if can! Because i quite sad for mine work not good enough to attract the jury to comment!

Congratulations to all winners for the community prizes!

Dear All,

urban.us was extremely quick with selecting and finding the client´s choice award. Have a closer look how the Jury and the client selected the winner here: http://www.jovoto.com/blog/de/2013/10/urban-us-client´s-feedback-choice/


Big congrats to Oxelot and his idea "join"!! http://urbanus.jovoto.com/ideas/31086

Urban.us is going to contact Oxelot right now for fine-tuning and implementation of the design.

Yours Jesko

cool, good choice, congrats jorge!!

Very good choice, congrats Jorge :))

Good choice! A really clear and simple logo.

I am waiting for client choosing entry !

Dear Rajeev,

please just have a look at the comment above. = ) There you fin the client´s choice announcement.

Yours Jesko

Shouldn't Oxelot proposal be shown as a winner in the winner category being the client choice?