The Way of Success
Life is a game, Crowdworking too.


Our vision developed into a fully functional board game, intended to interpret real life as a funny chain of situations we all go through. The game depicts potential Opportunities and Risks, which every participant might experience during "The Way of Success". Like in real Crowdworking, it is often up to the person how to improve himself and be successful. His path may lead him into different situations, he may skip some steps, but in the end there is an ultimate goal for everyone - "Number One"

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Our visualization shows series of illustrations depicting a Character who is going through different real life situations on his direction upon "The Way of Success". His goal is to become the "Number One" and he experience a lot of positive and negative emotions along the way, which represents our take on "Opportunity and Risk" with Crowdworking. And for us, it is not "or", it is "and". You can't carry only positive moments along the way and vice versa. The important thing is to keep going!

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