Crowdworking's like a Crossword of possibilities
Play the game and find them out!


My take on the topic about ver.di's "Opportunity or risk?". I've been working on this idea for several weeks. The main focus of the crossword game is to show that there are many possible combination of opportunities or risks for any crowdworker. One could find merely risks, others may find more opportunities and so on. The association with real life is that you can't be sure what lies ahead until you try crowdworking yourself.

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I was playing crosswords and thought of how well it might fit the ver.di project. Then I wrote down many pros and cons (opportunities and risks) from the way I understand the crowdworking process. Worked on the concept using the most suitable words and then aligning them. The idea developed into a complete one over time and I am pleased with the result. Small hint: Vertical words: 8 risks, 10 opportunities, 8 neutral, 4 other; Horizontal words: 5 risks, 7 opportunities, 5 neutral, 10 other

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I haven't used TPM, except some free mock-ups.