Don´t expect anything
Crowdworking is an adventure. You jump into a project without any idea of thr reward you are going to obtain (if any) or how hard is going to be the task for you.


ADVANTAGES: You can choose among a variety of task to work It´s a source of inspiration for other works You get great feedback about your work You are the one scheduling your working hours You decide the amount of work you want to put into a project You get great collaboration opportunities You work with pros from a wide range of fields DISADVANTAGES: Sometimes you put a lot of work into a project and don´t receive anything in return You fill that your work is poor protected against stealing

Please provide us with some background information on your visualization.

It tries to represent what to crowdwork means to me. You have to work with the tools you have, sometimes hard, sometimes not so hard and you don´t know what you are going to receive in return.

Do not forget to answer the separate questionnaire in the download section. Therefore you need your personal created ID-number after submitting your idea.


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Bus stop mock-up: Holding poster mock-up:

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