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In collaboration with jovoto.com ver.di is launching a crowdsourcing process with the goal of entering into a constructive, but also critical dialog with the crowdworkers on jovoto, in order to gain exciting insights into the opportunities and risks of crowdworking.
ver.di is the largest trade union in the German service sector and the second largest trade union in Germany.
jovoto is the first-mover platform for the crowdsourcing of creative services and also one of the most sustainable and experienced platforms worldwide.

Your Task
This project’s task consists of two parts:

  1.  Visualize your vision of platform-based crowdworking in an individual, creative way. Your subjective experience and opinion of the opportunities and risks of creative crowdworking should form the basis of your vision.
  2. Answer the questionnaire created by Prof. Al-Ani (HU Berlin) in cooperation with ver.di about the opportunities and risks. The purpose of this part of the task is to collect and assess comparable and evaluable responses from you. Prof. Al-Ani and ver.di hope to gain interesting and reliable insights into the opportunities and risks of creative crowdworking.

Your Chance
In this project you have the opportunity to contribute your experience and opinions on the subject of crowdworking. This is your chance to be involved in shaping the future of crowdworking with your contribution.

Project Jury

Awarded ideas