Fan-tastic Fan Articles!

More than 350 new fan merchandise ideas for the perfect VfL Wolfsburg soccer game!

€5,000prize pool

More than 350 new fan merchandise ideas for the perfect VfL Wolfsburg soccer game!


The VfL, a professional German association soccer club based in Wolfsburg, has carried out a brand analysis and repositioning, with reimaging as “the most modern football family in Europe” as their vision and goal. The brand values of VfL Wolfsburg are: passionate team-oriented –innovative – long-term success. VfL Wolfsburg is a relatively young club (established in 1945), which has been playing continuously at premiere national league (Bundesliga) level since 1997 and has very ambitious goals. In 2009 VfL became German Champion.  The VfL club is the pride of the city (125,000 inhabitants) and, at the same time, a subsidiary of the automobile group VW. So far, VfL fans mainly come from the region; the stadium (seats 30,000) is modern and particularly family-friendly. The club has an integral approach to football, which is why it also invests in its youth training center (the U19 team became German Champions in 2011!), as well as in women’s soccer (women’s Bundesliga!)

?All further information about the club can be found at their website, you'll find the current range of fan merchandise at their online-shop. The club now wishes to have new fan merchandise to underline and complement the positioning of the club in a likeable and confident way.

We are looking for innovative, creative fan products that correspond to the new positioning and generate soaring sales among the fans. Promising items will be incorporated into the fan merchandising range and manufactured together with the person who came up with the idea!

Task Definition

In line with the VfL brand positioning, develop innovative, creative merchandise that every fan will really want to have, to express support of their club.
There are two possibilities:

1. New fan merchandise
You can develop brand new fan items that you previously thought were lacking for the perfect stadium visit or TV evening with friends and that every VfL fan – from baby to adult – will want to have.

2. New designs of existing fan items
Or you can also submit redesigns of existing merchandising items, that impress with their innovative/creatives design (in line with the brand).

With its design, uniqueness and relevance to VfL Wolfsburg, your fan merchandise should clearly stand out from the fan items from all other Bundesliga clubs.

There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to designing the fan merchandise, the only restriction is the upper price limit of €20 for manufacturing costs.

Target Group

  • Everyone:? VfL Wolfsburg wants to impress everyone, so with this in mind, you should design your fan items for everyone, both men and women and for the whole family: from babies to adults.?
  • The people of Wolfsburg:? A large number of fans of course from the Wolfsburg region.
  • The employees of VW:? As it is a subsidiary of the VW group/firm, very many VW employees are also VfL Wolfsburg fans.


  • Corresponding to the brand values of VfL Wolfsburg, your fan merchandising items should be passionately team-oriented and completely innovative and express fun, confidence, pride and success.
  • To fit in with VfL Wolfsburg publicity, your merchandise item should be modern, authentic, friendly and confident and it should be in the club colors green and white.

Mandatory requirements

As far as the design of your fan merchandise is concerned, only the following  restrictions apply:

  • The logo must remain unchanged and should not be cropped.
  • The club’s colors white/green should be used.?Green (ideally HKS 65)
  • The manufacturing costs of your fan item should, as far as possible, not exceed €20.
  • Promising items will be incorporated into the range of fan merchandise and produced together with the person who came up with the idea!

Nützliche Links:

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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great one, i have lots of crazy ideas :D

But how serious is this 20€ task, may i do one or two items which are more expensive but totally worth it? :D ah i do it and you go ahead and delete it if you think it is not fitting :D

Wow, your ideas keep on coming in like a storm! First day it is. Impressed.

This will be one hell of a task for you Dora! Monitoring and all! I must say good luck to you! :)

really think that Wolfsburg as Victorinox made the deal of a lifetime. We are now their marketing department and boy..we are good ! so many fantastic ideas around ! love this project ! great job Jovoto staff. the future, if u can, please divide the prizes on a greater scale, with so many great minds here i think a lot of users should have a portion of the prizes.

Hey everyone! If you submit an idea, it would be great if you could always state in the description if you took an already existing item from the fan shop and redesigned it - with a link, and an explanation what has changed. Thanks a bunch!

And please check out the online shop before you work on an idea! They do have quite a lot of different stuff and there were already several ideas in here that are identical to one of them.

is it possible to contribute more than 5 ideas/concept to this contest? I have tons of ideas spinning around in my mind and can't really decide which to pic :D

Hey Luiaard. Than try to focus on the 5 unique and special ones :)

okay, i will try to do that...damn XD

Ich kann irgendwie nichts hochladen. Bekomme immer "Es scheinen Angaben zu fehlen", aber eigentlich ist alles da - nur die eingegebenen Tags sind wieder verschwunden. Trage ich dort etwas ein und drücke wieder auf Abschicken, bekomme ich eine Page does not exist.


Hm, jetzt scheint es gefunzt zu haben.... zumindest sehe ich meinen Eintrag.

their giftshop has so many great ideas already, lets get creative! a lot of duplicates already..

Dear all! VfL also noticed your ideas flowing in super fast from the first day on - and decided to react on it. I'm happy to post the first client message under the briefing after only a few days:

"Hi everyone,

we`re amazed by the ideas and creativity all participants brought to our contest so far. We just want to use this comment to show you our respect for your enthusiasm and passion for football and - at least for this project ;) - for our club.

As Xavier already stated in the Blog: "IT’S IN THE BLOOD, MIND AND HEART!!! PASSION AND EUPHORIA!!! :) "

We can just ask you to keep on running as our fans never stop to support our team from the start to the last minute of the game.

Extra tip: We especially appreciate ideas that show off our idea of the club/brand as innovative and authentic young football club.

Good luck and regards in green&white VfL Wolfsburg "

WOW great message!!! :-)

YES!!! Really great message!!! :)

over 8 years ago

Hey folks,

any idea about the typeface. I can´t find it in the style guide.

Thank in advance for the help :-)

Perhaps you can try Univers or Frutiger.

over 8 years ago


i m pretty sure its helvetica

I find all the ideas really good and that has just made the rating decision so much harder. All of the ideas are on the brief and are worth being incorporated into their line.. I guess my question is- on what basis should I vote higher?... a) easy to sell
b) easy to produce/manufacture
c) newness/uniqueness of the idea (apart from current items) d) how cool and trendy the item is e) how creative the idea is f) popularity of idea based on comments..( project managers and creatives combined) or any other criteria.. All these factors do come to play in voting decisions but at least one of them must be having more importance in the mind of the client/creative/ project manager Some feedback from the client ,Dora and other creatives would be helpful..

I think that if the idea is workable and is within the budget of 20 euros, you can give the highest ratings to those you buy :)

i think it is very interesting whne the fans themselves also start to voto on our submissions - fun fun fun!

Great!!! Thanks Miriam for this news :)

So the VFL fans will be directed here to vote on all our ideas? I think that is GREAT! They will know what they like!

Yes! And I see they do proposing ideas too! Great :-) this is fun :-)

great contest :D i just didnt get that phrase : "Promising items will be incorporated into the range of fan merchandise and produced together with the person who came up with the idea!"

Thanx in advance :)

In case they are going to manufacture one of the ideas from this contest, they would like to work together with the creative.


great, thanx a lot for the reply :)

Hey guys, I constantly see people say: "I give you 10*" and the like. What good are hidden ranks when people keep shouting out their rate? Please do keep this in mind when you comment - otherwise we could as well go back to the old system... ;o)

A further consequence of hidden ranks for me would be not to see "loved ideas" in the network...

I'll put up a blogpost this week where we can discuss the first feedback!

Dear community,

The client provided us with some important feedback!

"It's great to see so many good submissions already, but some ideas are solely focused on the Wolf. The wolf is indeed the mascot for Vfl Wolfburgs, but it doesn't necessarily has to be the main focus of the product.

Besides that, when you go for kids articles (6 to 14 years old) please take note that the mascot for kids is Wolfi. So if you have a great idea for kids and want to use a wolf, please use Wolfi."

Cheers, Jeroen

(P.S. Dora is on holidays so i'll take over this contest this week)

Thank you for that info Jeroen! And have fun during vacation :)))) There is a lot of work, so ... go go go! smile


Good one. I'll check on that.

Done! You'll find a jpeg from Wolfi under the download materials!

Ok, ich habe jetzt ein paar Wettbewerbe hier bei Jovoto kennengelernt. Generell finde ich das Jovoto-Konzept klasse. Doch es fällt extrem auf, das gewisse Teilnehmer immer, trotz schwacher Entwürfe und Ideen, unter den Top Ten sind. Das klingt wie ein schlechter verlierer - aber gutes Design kann man auch objektiv betrachten und unter den 50 ersten gerade dieses Contests sind verdammt schwache Dinge dabei. Auch wenn Jovoto wohl Automatismen hat direkt jemanden zu puschen so scheint es denoch zu funktionieren. Die Comunity die nur groß genug ist sich gegenseitig zu puschen ...? Dem Jovoto-Kunden kann das egal sein, weil er seine Auswahl unabhängig von der Comunity-Bewertung treffen kann. Aber alle Teilnehmer die Einzelkämpfer sind (und das vielleicht auch aus Prinzip) werden hier keine Fainiss finden. Ich werde wohl die die von mir begonnenen Wettbewerbe beenden und meine Meinung nicht verbergen. Finde es schade für die sonst echt gute Jovoto-Idee.

Happy Easter! to all for whom it is a celebration.. Have a great weekend!

Thanks szach! hope you had a good one too! I am back from this week on, so please feel free to write me if you have any questions.

I had a great weekend Dora.. will contact u if I have any questions later on.. thanks..

extremely helpful. thank you!

U are welcome Holly .. Good luck with the contest.. :)

Holly, after reading ur comment to another contestant,I realise that all the products are not shown in the catalogue.. So sorry, I assumed that all the items are there.. .. I feel I need to clarify to others that there are more products in the online shop which are not there in the above catalog..

U are welcome Martina, Good Luck with the contest.. :)

I just went through the whole pdf that Szach posted a link for, (thanks!). It would really be great of people would mention that they have a "Re-Design" of an existing product. This way we don't think it's an original idea when it is not.

don't get me wrong, a re-design is awesome and i'm about to do a few re-designs of existing products but i'll be sure to show the original product as well so others can see the improvement.

True story. I also posted that under here in the beginning, but it "disappeared" in this sea of comments. So yes, thanks Holly, please do state if you are redesigning an already existing product.

Half - time!

Hey everybody!

Here comes the of?cial VfL Wolfsburg feedback for the ?rst half of the game: You guys and girls really deliver an exciting and creative play here! Over 250 great ideas, some of them showing existing VfL-merchandise articles in a new style and some of them delivering new and surprising solutions.

It’s great to see all the different directions you are thinking of and working on - there are not only solutions that make VfL happy, but even ideas that will be presented to and will please the VfL ”mother” Volkswagen or the VfL sponsor Krombacher.

To make the scope even wider, you might as well consider that the city of Wolfsurg does not only exist out of the Wolf part, but also carries the “Burg” (Castle) in it’s name (even though the battlements are no longer part of the new VfL logo). The city has even more landmarks to offer than it’s castle (?rst time mentioned way back in the year 1302!) - for example the very iconic Volkswagen plant with its four chimneys, the scienti?c “Phaeno” Museum of star architect Zaha Hadid, a “Golden Gate - like” and a well known planetarium. So there might be even more possibilities to connect the club to it’s hometown.

VfL Wolfsburg and jovoto are also very happy to welcome the VfL fans in this project and to follow the vivid discussion on the platform. So keep up the great play in the second half!

kann man das nicht mit nem coolen verein machen! ;) oha... "gute idee, aber das logo!" :D :D :D

Hey guys,

please contact me in case you have any concerns. The briefing is not the place to start a witch hunt. Just use the misuse function, or drop me a message. Thanks

Schade, es gab keine Projektverlängerung. Damit kann ich meine Idee nicht mehr einreichen!!! :-(

One month I was placed in the top 10, and in the last three days I was expelled with nonchalance. I hope that the monitoring process will be fair! I have total confidence in the Jovoto team!

join the club Alin :))) don'tworry, i'm sure they will find the bad guys :) i also stayed for a month in top 10 and had 3 ideas in top 20 and in the last 3 days everything exploded ! good luck !

Do you mean the top 20? I don't see how you can tell that you are in the top 10.

Each user sees places on which are classified their own ideas.

you know the place of your idea steve on the entire contest., you have the ratings and the position, it is shown on your own idea. the rest ideas from other user are hidden indeed

The last 7 days were ridiculous. But I'll wait for the algorithm to do its thing...

This discussion passes from competition to competition. But changes nothing. I can call winners at once at the beginning of competition)))))

how long does a project end?

To this , i have to say :

  1. Stop whining around
  2. I saw one thing - most whining people, in the end will be the winners.
  3. Is not like all your ideas are original or you discovered "teleportation" .
    That would be awesome.

and last : If you would really trust and have "confidence" in the Jovoto system, you would wait in silence for everything to be sorted out.

It was just a simple conclusion. It seems natural to express my opinion as long as I took part in this competition and I feel totally disappointed with the injustice of the voting process. During this competition has happened almost every day to get: a 10/9 then immediately two (or more) bad votes. Like someone had watched the hearts (10/9). Also in the last three days I was strongly attacked. I hope you do not think Wolfsburg fans are of guilt (or it may be an excuse for bad votes), this would be funny.

Perhaps, when you are stolen, you shut up and wait until there intervention teams to do their job. But if you do not cry, no one will know you are stolen!

Perhaps you are thinking it all wrongly and as for "I hope you do not think Wolfsburg fans are of guilt (or it may be an excuse for bad votes), this would be funny. " - i invite you to reread my comment.

Guys, what you mean? I see that all who were in the top 20 all there :))) And then in my opinion is more important the customer's choice! ;-)

Huh, well, yes a lot of people vote in the rating period only, when the ideas are fully developed. So yes of course there is a lot of change in the ranking. Especially with so many (good) ideas and votes in the contest the difference between 2 places is very small. (0,..) And yes, I will close it asap. :)

:)) great job jovoto! thank you!

congrats the winners. fun contest

yes I agree! so many fun ideas!


over 8 years ago

Congratulations to the winners

Congrats to all winners!! Agree with Xavier - in this contest there should have been 50 or more winners, because there are a great many extremely good ideas here!

Congrats to all winners - Lot of great ideas for the Vfl-guys....... ;-)))

Congrats to everyone. VFL Wolfsburg got around 300 more worldwide fans and all the participants got to discover or rediscover a new football/soccer team. Everyone is a winner


Congratulations to all - congratulations to the winners!

Congrats to all!!! ;-)))

Congrats to all!

Congratulations to everyone who took part! VfL will be spoilt for choice :)

Congrats! to all the winners

I congratulate all participants and winners! It was excellent competition

How about the sold Idea??

That usually takes some time before a client decides on that.

congratssss ;-))

Where is the sold idea?

Hi there! That takes a while. We will let you know!

Dear all! Thanks again for making this a big success! Here's a post project message from VfL:

"360 suggestions – thank you so much for your fantastic work and all the interesting discussions – we are simply overwhelmed. We would never have expected such a multitude of ideas and comments. For us as the VfL Wolfsburg it is more than helpful to gain insight what the world around us affiliates with our club. Thank you for pointing us to exciting and absolutely interesting perspectives. Within the next six months we will let you know concerning our decision for possibly fan articles.

Best regards in green-white Yours VfL Wolfsburg"


It's been 7 months, where is the sold idea winner ? R u jovoto guys kidding ?

8 months? ANY NEWS? :)

9 months nothing comin? abortion?

very very sad...

... almost 1 year ... what's wrong?

Sag' mal.... sind hier echt nur Ideen für lau generiert worden?