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More than 350 new fan merchandise ideas for the perfect VfL Wolfsburg soccer game! €5,000 prize pool

More than 350 new fan merchandise ideas for the perfect VfL Wolfsburg soccer game!


The VfL, a professional German association soccer club based in Wolfsburg, has carried out a brand analysis and repositioning, with reimaging as “the most modern football family in Europe” as their vision and goal. The brand values of VfL Wolfsburg are: passionate team-oriented –innovative – long-term success. VfL Wolfsburg is a relatively young club (established in 1945), which has been playing continuously at premiere national league (Bundesliga) level since 1997 and has very ambitious goals. In 2009 VfL became German Champion.  The VfL club is the pride of the city (125,000 inhabitants) and, at the same time, a subsidiary of the automobile group VW. So far, VfL fans mainly come from the region; the stadium (seats 30,000) is modern and particularly family-friendly. The club has an integral approach to football, which is why it also invests in its youth training center (the U19 team became German Champions in 2011!), as well as in women’s soccer (women’s Bundesliga!)

?All further information about the club can be found at their website, you'll find the current range of fan merchandise at their online-shop. The club now wishes to have new fan merchandise to underline and complement the positioning of the club in a likeable and confident way.

We are looking for innovative, creative fan products that correspond to the new positioning and generate soaring sales among the fans. Promising items will be incorporated into the fan merchandising range and manufactured together with the person who came up with the idea!

Task Definition

In line with the VfL brand positioning, develop innovative, creative merchandise that every fan will really want to have, to express support of their club.
There are two possibilities:

1. New fan merchandise
You can develop brand new fan items that you previously thought were lacking for the perfect stadium visit or TV evening with friends and that every VfL fan – from baby to adult – will want to have.

2. New designs of existing fan items
Or you can also submit redesigns of existing merchandising items, that impress with their innovative/creatives design (in line with the brand).

With its design, uniqueness and relevance to VfL Wolfsburg, your fan merchandise should clearly stand out from the fan items from all other Bundesliga clubs.

There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to designing the fan merchandise, the only restriction is the upper price limit of €20 for manufacturing costs.

Target Group

  • Everyone:? VfL Wolfsburg wants to impress everyone, so with this in mind, you should design your fan items for everyone, both men and women and for the whole family: from babies to adults.?
  • The people of Wolfsburg:? A large number of fans of course from the Wolfsburg region.
  • The employees of VW:? As it is a subsidiary of the VW group/firm, very many VW employees are also VfL Wolfsburg fans.


  • Corresponding to the brand values of VfL Wolfsburg, your fan merchandising items should be passionately team-oriented and completely innovative and express fun, confidence, pride and success.
  • To fit in with VfL Wolfsburg publicity, your merchandise item should be modern, authentic, friendly and confident and it should be in the club colors green and white.

Mandatory requirements

As far as the design of your fan merchandise is concerned, only the following  restrictions apply:

  • The logo must remain unchanged and should not be cropped.
  • The club’s colors white/green should be used.?Green (ideally HKS 65)
  • The manufacturing costs of your fan item should, as far as possible, not exceed €20.
  • Promising items will be incorporated into the range of fan merchandise and produced together with the person who came up with the idea!

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