Unisex cuff/sleeve bangles
Unisex cuff bangles or sleeve bangles with printed photos or laser cut designs


A range of unisex cuff or sleeve bangles.. Unisex cuff bangles or sleeve bangles( longer length than cuff bangles) with printed photos of the players with or without details, football game shots or event promotional advertisements. Or laser cut design of logo or of the wolf or related graphic design or laser cut intricate pattern or design.- A bangle or cuff is an accessory most people wear daily and it can act as advertisement apart from the football game event. Cuff bangles are adjustable to different sizes and you can get the player to autograph it to make it even more exciting .. In different materials.. I am thinking of a night glowing version also.. It will have a tiny qr code printed along the inner edge that takes u directly to the website...

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